B.R. Drops “Gas Break Dip Sway”

B.R. Drops “Gas Break Dip Sway”

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As a youth growing up, you had to be tough. Tough in the mean socal streets of Long Beach. Gang activity dope pushers the LAPD. All obstacles to outrun and overlap. “God 1st Get Money and Don’t Stop.” Puff Daddy so that has been my life mission to nvr stop keep going. I’m a hyphy head. I love the Bay Area sound. That’s the sound you hear on this song. I call it socal Bop a Lil LA mixed with the Bay. When you hear this you gonna want to boogie it’s gonna make you move. You want the bass you want to get stupid doo doo dum then hit the Gas tap the break hit yo dip and get ya sway on.

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