Beedabee: “Cupid’s Broken Arrow” – a celebration of love and heartbreak itself

Beedabee: “Cupid’s Broken Arrow” – a celebration of love and heartbreak itself

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Wow! Where do I even begin? I’ve listened to a lot of singers in my lifetime, and few have captured my attention on first listen like Beedabee. He has truly consumed my attention with his debut EP “Cupid’s Broken Arrow”.  Beedabee is a pop/R&B artist and actor from Akron, OH. From a young age, he has been able to combine his love for music and his love of performing by starring in school musicals and singing with his family. Unlocking the vault on the new album, you’re instantly immersed inside an atmosphere that breaks with romantic vibes and expressed outtakes of sensual partnership. Intensity flourishes on and off in the glowing, futuristic compositions, creating this vibrance where the bond between both artist and music feels natural and real, not forced. In its most sensual form, the tracks brim with late night calm, and sparkling keyboard lines that move to the creamy, emotive vocals that are installed from Beedabee – it truly fixates how tight and close the music and the voice become across the 8 tracks.

That flowing chemistry on every track is so real and gripping to hear vocally. Apart from “Lifeline” produced by De’La and “Unrequited Love” produced by akronyx, the remaining six tracks are produced by Loudestro, all of who do an amazing job of creating soundscapes that are atmospherically captivating.

While at the same time being spacious enough to leave center stage to the stunning and emotionally beguiling vocal escapades of Beedabee. The mural plastered upon Beedabee’s canvas is a grandiose, elegant kaleidoscope focused into lust, pleasure, and the search for deep love. The beaming hues encased in its vibrancy makes for a graceful and profound piece of work.

What’s beautiful about an album like “Cupid’s Broken Arrow” is that there’s not much distance between the artist and the listener. Beedabee has opted to lay his cards on the table whether he’s accepted for that or not, offering intricate details and sharp vignettes regarding his life, personality and desires.

And oftentimes he advises listeners to do the same, if they’re to find true happiness. On “Talk” he lays down the gauntlet “You always end up jumping to conclusions. So wrapped up in your fucked up delusions,” and then advises “Stop tip-toeing around it. All we got to do is talk about it. That’s the only way we’re gonna resolve it.”

“Lifeline” is exactly what the title alludes to, and what Beedabee is searching for, to turn his life around in a moment of emotional difficulty.  But for all the talk of honesty and evident passion, it’s not like this EP can only be appreciated on a surface level, especially from the standpoint of the compositions.

The curtain between the artist and his art may only be a thin veil here, as the twists and turns provided by the lyrics show that the record’s exterior is only a single flame of the huge fire burning beneath its grooves. So as soon as “Wanted” kicks in, you know that when Beedabee drops the line: “I wanna feel wanted…” he means every single word.

“Unrequited Love” combines euphoric balladry with lyrics and vocals that present emotional conflict and aching. His voice, while displaying the widest range, is so warm and inviting that you feel like you’re in the same room as Beedabee as he sings.

All throughout, he never loses his ability to sell his tunes on pure emotion and investment. Just listen to his effortless crooning on “Chase”, a song which establishes him as someone who can transcend the boundaries of genre, on his voice alone. The EP closes down on “Outro”, a spoken word life lesson from Beedabee, and a personal “Thank You”, from the artist himself.

“Cupid’s Broken Arrow” feels like a celebration of love and heartbreak itself, not shying away from the dark twists and painful revelations while being sure to place some focus on the euphoric moments of passion. I urge you to take part in this fine-tuned, beautifully-crafted piece of music and its stunning emotional dynamics, which will keep you listening until the final bar. Beedabee, has a talent that’s undeniable!


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