“Been Dat Dike” – Hookdatdike Puts Up For The LGBT Community

“Been Dat Dike” – Hookdatdike Puts Up For The LGBT Community

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Hookdatdike is a female artist from West Palm Beach FL. Putting on for the LGBT community her inspiration behind this song is to give females of her kind, dignity, comfort, strength and confidence, as well as being a better human being and proving to the world that they are here and do exist on this planet.

“So let’s stand up for our beliefs and express our talents to world, we got this,” exclaims Hookdatdike. “What I love about my career is that I get to be bold and different expressing myself in so many ways. So look out world The LGBT community is on the RISE FOR GREATNESS!” concludes Hookdatdike.

Connect with Hookdatdike: Instagram: @Hookdatdike Facebook Bg Hook garcia Spotify: Hookdatdike Website: https://linktr.ee/Hookdatdike Soundcloud: Hookdatdike YouTube: Hookdatdike Where to buy: https://linktr.ee/Hookdatdike

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