Big Nucci: “Flexx” sets up his stride towards industry recognition

Big Nucci: “Flexx” sets up his stride towards industry recognition

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Big Nucci is a musician, producer, songwriter and graphic designer from Akron, Ohio. Born and raised in the Goodyear heights area where he has been all his life, the artist finally started taking his craft seriously this year. The Ohio underground creative has already begun putting together a string of singles which include the critically acclaimed “Flexx”, as well as “Fa$hion” and “Pharaoh”. Big Nucci’s music doesn’t struggle with its identity. It’s creative working class, but ready to breakout appeal, creates an accessibility that welcomes us to his world. His projects are characterized by a blend of low-end trunk-rattling bass, and thought-provoking musings.

Big Nucci showcase’s the highs and lows of a game no longer just controlled by music industry pimps desperately seeking to pull the strings, but by indie artists making a serious play in the game. Punctuated by a post-modern haircut, colorful wears, and rounded John Lennon-type sunglasses, Big Nucci’s wit and introspection bookend his genuine spirit and savvy microphone technique.

Though both eclectic and eccentric-looking, Big Nucci is a refreshing abnormality in the hip-hop game; a grounded rapper without a skewed sense of reality or inflated self-worth. At the same time, he seems confident, ambitious and perfectly comfortable as he sets up his stride towards industry recognition.

Big Nucci’s beats are never lacking in bass, and the single “Flexx” is designed to knock in your sound system. This is the type of song you put in that playlist on loop and drive around with all night long.

Big Nucci displays an almost playful ferocity in his deliveries, as he aptly navigates between the contrasting braggadocio and consciousness of a quintessential rapper. Not bad for someone just starting out.

Big Nucci is fixated on separating himself from his peers, notably by embracing a continual growth and seeking to seriously execute his goals as delineated by the track “Flexx”. On the track, the Ohio rapper glides across the rhythmic-rooted production while boldly presenting the flair and finesse that usually belongs to the game’s finest.

Well aware of the challenges that await him up ahead, on “Flexx”, Big Nucci seemingly prides himself on sharp, witty lyrics that, while boasting the braggadocio of a rap warrior, never stray far from his Akron roots.

Big Nucci has a sound that works for him and he continues to improve on it too. Moreover, he shows that he’s still working his craft and aims to make the highest grade of music he can make. Most times, it’s all that we can really ask from any artist.


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