BIG SLAB of COMMISSION SUC – “Heavy” ft. Izzacee Bandz – evokes feelings of adrenaline and excitement

BIG SLAB of COMMISSION SUC – “Heavy” ft. Izzacee Bandz – evokes feelings of adrenaline and excitement

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With the release of his second album release “THE KING OF THE BLACK GORILLA FAMILY PART1 Mr. Mark Jones”, BIG SLAB of COMMISSION SUC shows everyone that he is constantly on the move. The album is filled with features, including 50 cent and Meek Mills. The first single off the album is “Heavy” ft. Izzacee Bandz. The artist BIG SLAB OF COMMISSION SUC is also known as S.U.C. BOSS, the head of SCREWED UP CLICK and the cousin of the late great Dj Screw. He is also the C.E.O of the COMMISSION JAM DOWN RECORDS INC in Houston, Texas.

BIG SLAB OF COMMISSION SUC bursts in on 2019 with heat and fervor on this track that mixes melody with street grit. He kicks in some trill rhymes over a slammin’ southern fried groove. BIG SLAB is a very entertaining emcee; he can be fun, but he can also get serious and throw down some lyrical depth.

Overall, the track slams from start to finish, as BIG SLAB is able to churn out a real Houston trunk popper alongside Izzacee Bandz. It goes without saying that the artist is contributing profusely to the Houston Hip Hop scene and his projects seem to all be good thus far.


Like any on point artist, BIG SLAB OF COMMISSION SUC evokes feelings of adrenaline and threatening excitement, and never makes you feel like he’s just going through the motions, as many of his peers now seem to be doing. The man gives his projects vigor and urgency on his verses, allowing for the mellifluous hooks to keep the balance riding smoothly.

In another concise, frills-free show of strength, BIG SLAB has built upon the vigorous and dynamic foundation that made his first album a resounding critical success. From the jump, two different, yet complementing styles rear their heads on “Heavy” ft. Izzacee Bandz.

The live as fuck, seismic rhymes that perpetuated BIG SLAB’s debut are of course back in full force, and they’re met with an equally no-bullshit, rebel yell from the rapper, glazed over with a patina of melody in all the right places. It’s the captivating and convivial archetype for BIG SLAB’s style of rap.

The Houston artist is at the top of his lyrical game, with jaw crushing punches as he plays off Izzacee Bandz’s fresh, accessible, and consistently thrilling, melodic flow. In its astonishing scope and finesse, “Heavy” ft. Izzacee Bandz continues a tradition of greatness for the region, and serves as one of the more distinguished bright spots in an otherwise stale year for hip-hop.

Unlike a majority of new rap records, the passion that each artist puts into this project is clearly evident. BIG SLAB OF COMMISSION SUC brings the fucking fire, and Izzacee Bandz supplies the fuel. After blasting this shit on eleven, in my sound system, I’m suddenly feeling a whole lot better this morning. Check this out for yourself!


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