Caddy Pack: “Good” – Rap without limits or boundaries!

Caddy Pack: “Good” – Rap without limits or boundaries!

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Caddy Pack, born as Selina Pack May, in Heidelberg Germany has an American father – an ex US Army soldier from Baltimore Maryland – and a German mother. Influenced by a wide-ranging spectrum of genres listened to by her parents, that moved from Hiphop to Techno, Caddy always knew she wanted to be active in the music scene. At 14 she started entertaining at her school, and then in 2006 after meeting her first producer Tuny Chris, she released her first single, “Coming Right To Ya!” released by his independent label Burning South Records.

Caddy Pack
Caddy Pack

Caddy Pack writes all her own music, she sings some of the hooks, and she plays the guitar and drums, all while exploring everything from EDM, Trap, and Rap without limits or boundaries. A testimony to the fact of where this powerhouse of an artist is heading, can be gauged by the company she keeps – Caddy Pack has already shared the stage with the likes of Travis Porter, Waka Flocka Flame, Soulja Boy, Ying Yang Twins and 2 Chainz as well as German Acts, Xavier Naidoo, Kool Savas, Azad, Das Bo, D-Flame and many more.

Caddy Pack is an honest and true artist; this much surfaces on her Mixtape “Good” featuring Waka Flocka Flame, Mello Charmillz and Young KB. With 12 tracks full of unique sounds, instruments and electronic sounds, and an addiction to genre-hopping Caddy Pack shows that she can shine in any light. The most important facet of the Mixtape are the clever lyrics and Caddy’s flow that at first listen is so quick in places you’ll need to listen again and again.

Caddy-Pack-RedmanCaddy Pack makes it hard to not tap your foot and bob your head; actually, she makes it impossible to not outright dance through some of these songs. She is a gifted musician and “Good” is a wonderful showcase of her skills. From standouts like “I Bet She Go” Ft. Waka Flocka, “Cookies & Bass”, “Hustle Grind” ft. Mello Charmillz & Young KB, “New Era”, “Attention” and without a doubt, the mixtape’s lead single “Kanye” which bangs all the way to the club. Across these tracks, Caddy Pack really nails down that sharp, cutting-edge voice during her crazy speed-raps, which is especially evident on the explicit “Clap For My Shit” and “Kanye”.

Caddy-Pack-WockaShe’s not verbally tender and soft either, but you’ll love the way she delivers any explicit vulgarity, which she does with such gusto, that it seems to be almost in natural good taste! The girl’s smart, sharp and articulate; one of my favorite lines is “Nobody understands a mind of a genius / glad I don’t have a dick that had my mind in my penis / I’m just being honest to Venus…”, where she shreds the super-male myth to pieces.

Caddy Pack is most definitely different, and she’s going to be around awhile. I like her empowering style and her overall approach to the game. It’s not easy for female rappers to be taken seriously in a game that is almost totally male-dominated. Most are ‘appreciated’ for how much pussy or booty they are willing to show. It took the legendary Missy Elliot nearly a lifetime to stake her claim in Hiphop history. Caddy Pack reminds me of that young Missy Elliot – brash, bold and ready to take on the world no matter what. She has no limits, and fears no barriers…in a word she’s “GOOD”, and ready to go!


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