Cameron Nino & Seventh Nova: “On The Floor” – The Anthem for Millennials!

Cameron Nino & Seventh Nova: “On The Floor” – The Anthem for Millennials!

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Every generation has its champion – Cameron Nino and it’s anthem. Millennials, your champion and anthem is here! From Cameron Nino’s Seventh Nova (aka 7th Nova) comes a song packed with joy, optimism, philanthropy and a heap of fun. The song is called “On The Floor”. But, wait, if you are not a Millennial, do not feel left out. This song will surely get you on your feet and on the floor.

“On The Floor” has an upbeat four-to-the-floor rhythm. The funky groove is layered with fluid hip-hop inspired vocals, a sing-song chorus line and extremely versatile and unique rapping styles. This song is an aficionado’s dream come true, the Picasso of modern day rap. It is unlike anything else you hear on the radio, and is sure to start a new genre of rap.


The pulsating rhythm drives the song forward such that it leaves you no choice but to get on your feet and dance. The icing on this cake is the catchy and melodic lines of the lead guitar which keeps wafting in and out between verses and choruses, blending the song into a seamless story as it unfolds.

As the song climbs to its climax, the lead guitar exquisitely extends the female vocals at the end into an elegant cry that brings the song home. If you love Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams, or Bruno Mars, you will love the feel-good edge song of the song. This song is destined to leave you ready to take on the world.

Cameron Nino crafted the lyrics of the song in collaboration with Keane Nwede & Daveon Marshall. The trio have created a lyric and thematic content that is inspiring and family-friendly, covering issues which aim to unite and motivate.

With phrases such as, “I’m gonna reach out a hand, to break some out” and “My path in life is where the wind blows”, the song creates an envelope of a globally inclusive tone, assures you that you are not alone, and inspires people of all stripes and cultures to flourish. The messaging is pretty clear – “success is no mystery, learn from history”.

Cameron dedicated the song to CreateNow (, a project which aims to promote art education for youths. ‘On The Floor’ is for a worthwhile cause, seeking to ensure a bright and creative future for children. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to make a difference by getting your copy of ‘On The Floor’. It is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. You can also get a taste by checking it out on Youtube here.


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