CapoDon – “Stronger and Stronga” produced by Shawn Keyz – a tune with undeniable appeal

CapoDon – “Stronger and Stronga” produced by Shawn Keyz – a tune with undeniable appeal

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CapoDon is a Dancehall/Reggae Artist based in London. His single, “Stronger and Stronga” is produced by Shawn Keyz for Kreating Dreams Media Group. Keyz is also an award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer. With inexhaustible talent, Keyz is sure to become an important figure in music and visuals – inspiring a love in his fans, for his works. Aside from the producer’s amazing professional accomplishments, the latest single would ring hollow were it not for the incredible CapoDon on the release. This song will appeal to every listener of Dancehall or Reggae – the production is rock solid with Shawn Keyz as brilliant and as dynamic as he has ever been, cementing the inevitable fact that this track wants to have a large impact on Dancehall in 2020. “Stronger and Stronga” seems like the proper progression for both the producer and the artist.

Though some new listeners may have reservations about CapoDon’s talents before the first listen, “Stronger and Stronga” has a variety of extraordinary heat to convince them otherwise. His delivery is in rare form on this song, calling upon several of his patented styles to match the intense energy of a dark, edgy riddim built from an exotic, heavy drum kit.

Despite its minimal instrumentation, the bass line, keyboards, and motivational narrative make it a tune with undeniable appeal. CapoDon’s dynamic flow, and mellifluous delivery effortlessly floats on the riddim, and becomes extra potent when juxtaposed with the shimmering keys which provides the counterbalance to both the story and boss vocals.

The song shows CapoDon’s full range of vocal acrobatics. He has an uncanny knack for melody and his singing rarely feels awkward or forced. CapoDon’s superb vocal build in pitch and intensity along with the instrumentation. “Stronger and Stronga” is filled with earthy sounds, a catchy musical arrangement, powerful yet thoughtful lyrics, and a strong vocal performance.

Faultless composition, arrangement and production, the track is a magnificent vehicle to showcase this extremely talented performer. A soulful blend of musical styles, “Stronger and Stronga” is bursting with motivational vibes and CapoDon’s highly versatile voice – rhythmically intricate with crystal clear enunciation and clever syllable accenting.

CapoDon is a skilled vocalist and performer, whose song interpretation and storytelling draws you in. And with Shawn Keyz’s finely tuned arrangement and production, it’s much more than just an enjoyable listen. Music like this gets reggae parties and the dancehall scene live and jumping.

While one-dimensional Dancehall/Reggae artists still try to figure out how to sound future. Producer Shawn Keyz, and performing artist CapoDon, are light-years beyond any potential rivals in the underground. The sparks of creativity and pure head-nodding groove are smoldering on “Stronger and Stronga”.

Connect with the crew @futuredicaptain – @kreatingdreams – @iamshawnkeyz


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