“Car Convos” – Jeff Skigh’s universal tone makes his words ooze from his lips to perfection

“Car Convos” – Jeff Skigh’s universal tone makes his words ooze from his lips to perfection

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Flint MI based artist, Jeff Skigh takes his vocal talent and makes a musically excellent and entertaining track with soulful lyricism and a grooving beat. On “Car Convos”, Skigh’s lyricism is skillfully wound through a deep, resonating voice. Combining these eminent beats with Jeff Skigh’s originality and diversity of vocal style amounts to a very accessible track with a big amount of playback value. Here the rapper takes the best elements of what’s come before in his catalog of cool bouncing grooves, and integrates them into a new, unified sound, and thus sets the groundwork for a new era in his music.

Sonically, the track keeps to a captivating formula: thick and hazy bass pads provide a foundation, lead keys bubble and swirl, while the percussion provides a classic hip-hop rhythm section that grooves in a way which is undoubtedly addicting.

The production values are top notch, and Jeff Skigh’s low rumbling tones sit squarely in the center of the mix, as they should. Part of Skigh’s appeal, is his ability to separate himself from his peers, who are all shouting, squealing or mumbling.

Jeff Skigh’s tempered tone and clear diction, occupy a space, most of the new wave rappers cannot aspire to, as their natural, God-given talents won’t allow for it. This crucial source of after-midnight seductiveness of his river-deep baritone drives the momentum of “Car Convos”.

Skigh’s voice could make even the crassest bit of lyricism sound top tier. The stellar production from a surprising beatsmith helps give the track a sophisticated air of blunted sonic perfection.

Jeff Skigh is a master storyteller, which is apparent on “Car Convos”. His raps are generally controlled and relatively relaxed, even when there is an insistent beat banging underneath his flow, which suits Skigh and his messages, seemingly a man at ease with himself and with others, but who has a lot to say.

“Car Convos” affirms Jeff Skigh as one of underground Hip hop’s most resonating and vital voices. The track is purposeful in its intent to hear the rapper’s enlightened exposition and personal reflection.

The thing about being an emcee is that you got to have something to say. Simple, short, and effective, “Car Convos” gives Jeff Skigh the perfect platform to ruminate on.  So Skigh roams the far corners of his mind and lets them flow into the mic.

As such he has been able to deliver a very soulful, grooving, yet sophisticated track that is hard to come by these days in the world of commercial hip-hop. Jeff Skigh is smooth. There is no other way to describe it.

Jeff Skigh’s universally easy tone makes his words ooze from his lips to perfection. “Car Convos” proves that he is adept at conquering the world with his rhymes and vocal prowess. All while maintaining a nod-worthy groove and an impassioned cadence.

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