‘Closed The Very End’: A Sneak Peek into WHEN.in.MAINE’s Second Album

‘Closed The Very End’: A Sneak Peek into WHEN.in.MAINE’s Second Album

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“Closed The Very End” is the first single promoting WHEN.in.MAINE’s second album. Since September last year, the band has released sixteen singles and their debut album. This single shows the direction the next album is heading. It’s a song about a relationship where one side takes advantage of the other, only showing up when needing something and giving false hopes while using the other person. It’s also about how such relationships should be ended permanently. This is the first song recorded with the band’s new drummer, Daniel “Ogi” Ogorzałek, known from the bands Bad Taste and Engraver. It was produced by Dawid Gorgolewski at Osso Studio in Gdańsk, released by Case Studio, and distributed by MyMusic.

WHEN.in.MAINE is a music project created by two members of the now-disbanded Snakedoctors. WHEN.in.MAINE plays hard rock with a slight touch of nu-metal, a direction already defined by the last Snakedoctors album, “Waiting.” The band members focus primarily on the melodic nature of their songs. They often release additional alternative versions and remixes of their singles, marked as “Late Night in Maine,” which often refer to synthwave and new wave. The band’s lineup includes Wojciech Wypych, Jarosław “Jerry” Szybowski, Ada Nikelewska, and Daniel “Ogi” Ogorzałek.

Since the end of September, they have released sixteen singles, all of which hit the charts: Radio Olsztyn Top 40 (number 1 three times with “Midlife Crisis,” plus “Stained” and “Love Gravity” on the chart), Radio Ostrowiec Top 20 (number 3 with “Stole My Memories” and “Proved Me Wrong,” plus number 5 with “When in Maine”), Top 30 #waszamuza Inne.Radio Polska Muza, and at the top of Daily Poland iTunes Top 200 Rock, Pop & All Genres, Weekly Poland iTunes Top 200 Rock & All Genres, and charts in radio stations in the UK (Top 10 with “Midlife Crisis”) and Australia (Daily Top 10 No. 1s with “Midlife Crisis,” “Ditched,” “Proved Me Wrong,” and “Option”).

Their songs are frequently played by radio stations in Poland, the USA, Spain, Sweden (Top 10 Weekly and Monthly plays), Norway (Top 10 Weekly and Monthly plays), Great Britain, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Australia, and many other countries. Their “Proved Me Wrong” and “Midlife Crisis” were named songs of the day on an FM station in Canberra, Australia. Songs for their debut album were recorded with Darryll Nutt, an American drummer who worked with members of bands including AC/DC and Goo Goo Dolls. The album was released in April this year by Case Studio and distributed by MyMusic.

As was the case with Snakedoctors, famous guests participated in the production of the album, including musicians from well-known bands and producers who have worked with such bands. The producers of bonuses available in the digital version include Chris Rakestraw, who recorded the last two Megadeth albums, Marshall Gallagher, producer and leader of the band Teenage Wrist, and Dave Dominguez, who has recorded bands such as Papa Roach, Staind, and Guns N’ Roses.

Their second album will also include famous guests, including Nik Hughes from Bush. They also release duets. WHEN.in.MAINE’s single “Option” features a talented singer from Philadelphia, Amélie Swann. In another duet, “C Song,” written and recorded partly in Danish, they invited Annerup from Denmark.


Wojciech Wypych – vocals, guitars, keyboard

Jarosław Jerry Szybowski – bass

Danel Ogi Ogorzałek – drums

Dawid Gorgolewski – mixing, mastering (Osso Studio, PL)

Single cover – Design Wojciech Wypych

Producer – Wojciech Wypych

Label – Case Studio, PL

Distribution – MyMusic

More info:

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/wheninmaine_official/

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCupx0UuUJVgWlsRmUzooELA

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/1K9r660mAeaKnUipUe2Zeu

Apple Music – https://music.apple.com/pl/artist/when-in-maine/1707369899?l=pl






and at the Case Studio label website https://case-studio.pl/

When.In.Maine music is distributed MyMusic.

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