CorePreme to drop “OverDue” ft. Agent Blurr in anticipation of his new project!

CorePreme to drop “OverDue” ft. Agent Blurr in anticipation of his new project!

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CorePreme is an award-winning rapper and songwriter who has graced stages not only across the United States, from Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida and almost everywhere in between, but across the world as well. From the deserts of Cairo, Egypt to the sands of Sydney, Australia, CorePreme has successfully crossed over from rapper to international entertainer.

CorePreme (pronounced “Core Pream”) has worked with multiple legends in the music industry and has a style that cleverly mixes old school hip hop with that of the new school. He has been classically trained in music and continues to attend classes by the Berklee School of Music in between performances.


CorePreme is getting ready to drop his single “OverDue” ft. Agent Blurr, from his upcoming project “7 Continents”.  CorePreme confirmed that the song is about a girl who was in a relationship with a guy that did not want her to chase her dreams of being a model. He was insecure and jealous. This jealousy created tension and resentment. She decided to do it anyway and in the process, left him behind for CorePreme, the person who helped her to realize her dream!

CorePreme’s lyrics and sing-song flow is exceptionally tight on this song, while the beat and production is excellent. One of the reasons Core comes across as strong as he does, is he sounds real, he doesn’t seem to just be talking about stories he has heard, he seems to be talking about himself, and where he’s been, and what he has gone through, this is what makes him interesting to listen to.

A lot of rappers claim to be hard and gangsta to try and capture fan’s attention, but most of the time, I think just being real, in both one’s strengths and weaknesses gives an artist true credibility, that will be long-lasting. In fact CorePreme doesn’t make any ridiculous claims for street cred; he just fills his songs with passion, anger, sadness, struggles, happiness, and hope.

The things normal people go through growing up, and trying to survive in a world that’s often unjust. Pick up some of his other tracks like “Need The Love”, “Focused On Bread” or “I Couldn’t Do It”, to catch the vibe.

Bottom line: “OverDue” ft. Agent Blurr really has a cool groove and flows extremely well with some heartfelt words, and no pretentiousness. To fully appreciate where CorePreme is going with this, we’ll need to await the release of his upcoming project, which contains this single.


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