Dahlak Matteos: “You Are Beautiful” – combines a phat urban acoustic beat with stellar soulful vocals

Dahlak Matteos: “You Are Beautiful” – combines a phat urban acoustic beat with stellar soulful vocals

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Singer-songwriter Dahlak Matteos (pronounced Dah-hah-la Mah-tay-os) was born in San Francisco, California, but grew up an hour north of this metropolis in the industrial city of Santa Rosa. Her pursuit of a music career has led Dahlak to travel the county; including spending some time in the rich music scene of Atlanta, Georgia. Now settled back in her hometown, perseverance is paying off as Dahlak Matteos is creating a buzz in the Bay Area.

Dahlak Matteos
Dahlak Matteos

Dahlak Matteos has released her latest single, “You Are Beautiful” off her upcoming EP “VIBRATO”, executive produced by MellotheProducer. Of “VIBRATO”, Dahlak says: “In my journey to find my sound I went through every style mixed up and it started to create a vibration; not only through my natural sound but also in spirit. VIBRATO is different levels of sound collection, just like love. It has its highs and lows but when it’s unified it’s beautiful, radiant.” She continues: “I’m just taping into this energy force vibrating within me, like my higher self; a force that my higher force is tapping into. Elevation. Taking me into a place I knew was real, but I could never imagine this magnitude of satisfaction. Faith, love, hope then prophecy. He is opening doors, angels are responding and it’s only the beginning.”

From start to finish, “You Are Beautiful” is a priceless slice of soul and R&B. It is a sonic portrait of a young woman who is confident, gentle, elegant, alluring, mysterious, positive, down-to-earth, and fun. The single displays Dahlak’s artistic growth and will probably move her to the forefront of independent female R&B artists.

Dahlak Matteos’ unique style, combining a phat urban acoustic beat by MellotheProducer, with stellar soulful vocals, is what will keep you listening to this track. The song is upbeat, playful and fresh, making it quite simply uplifting in its overall approach.

Compared to her earlier material, Dahlak sound’s more mature and exudes the experience of a complete singer who can stand on her own feet, and the overall result is a more satisfying effort than anything else I have heard by her so far.

Apart from sheer talent, charisma is a key ingredient within the soul and R&B musical genres. It’s that special factor that takes music the extra mile. Dahlak Matteos’ dose of charisma is crisp, strong and flowing on “You Are Beautiful”. I suspect the Ep will bring much of the same!


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