Danielle Black – “I’ve Fallen” – showcasing a softer side with a big voice

Danielle Black – “I’ve Fallen” – showcasing a softer side with a big voice

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Danielle Black is a versatile recording artist who will always go by her heart when it comes to a connection with a beat. If it feels right and the words start flowing it is the very next single no matter what genre it may be. I’ve Fallen is the very first song she ever recorded but was never released. Thinking that maybe being an independent artist was not possible she started rapping recipes to old school hip-hop beats and then transcended into rapping about her life.

Danielle Black was born and she vowed never to put herself in a box. Wanting to give her audience something different as she is releasing her new Country/HIP-HOP album soon. The idea of showcasing a softer side with a big voice and giving an idea of where she wanted to take her fans next, there was no doubt she had to release I’ve Fallen.

I’ve Fallen starts slow and steady and tells a different story than most love songs. This story is about how making the mistake of falling in love too fast only hurt herself in the end. The song builds up from middle to and it just wants to make you get up, dance and sing! The end makes you feel powerful. It’s ok to admit and realize where you went wrong and what part you played in your relationships. Fall in love with yourself first and you can never go wrong.


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