Darick DDS Spears: “Milwaukee” delivers another enlightening sermon!

Darick DDS Spears: “Milwaukee” delivers another enlightening sermon!

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Darick DDS Spears brings lyricism, flow and charisma in his latest upcoming album “Milwaukee” set to officially drop 5/18/18, but already on pre-release on major digital download stores as of now. In the era of untalented, unoriginal clones, mumble rappers and sound-a-likes, Spears brings originality and substance. If you’ve become disenchanted with the modern hip-hop scene this album should quench your thirst for quality hip-hop. This album is flowing over with creative genius and the production quality is top shelf. Darick is a gifted story teller in the mold of his legendary peers. He knows who he is as a rapper and has fun with the freedom that it gives him to express himself. It certainly shows as this is one of the most original hip-hop albums I’ve heard this year. Solid from start to finish, every song has the potential to become your new favorite. It is definitely worth every penny and minute you spend on it, and then some.

“Milwaukee” is both reverential as well as super modern musically as it builds a picture of the city and the artist’s personal experiences, often intertwining the two. Darick DDS Spears hasn’t hopped on the bandwagon of rap trends, preferring to carve his own lane. His beats are clean yet with subtle creative touches and samples that really elevate them into a cinematic level, which matches his storytelling perfectly.

It helps that Spears is a bestselling Amazon author, confirming that he has a way with words. But it doesn’t stop there as the man produces, writes, performs and arranges everything he releases. Which of course perfectly explains why his projects get recognized by the Grammy ballot and nominated for the IMEA Awards.

Lyrically Darick DDS Spears is a beast. He is introspective and thoughtful, often outspoken, and always on point. He’s not afraid to be vulnerable and honest in his questioning of life’s daily struggles, as he is not afraid to condemn the obstacles and injustices that cause them.

The album starts out strong with “Milwaukee (Don’t Know About My City)”, a piano driven, atmospheric track, featuring a mix of searching rhymes and strong social statements, a perfect embodiment of Spears as an artist.  A personal favorite “Mil Town Boys & Girls” features a rolling bassline and gliding synth melody in the background punctuated by Spear’s vocals and candid lyrics.

“Milraculous” comes in on a cinematic note and features a funky keyboard progression and a snappy snare drum. “Citgo Gas Station Interlude” and “Fon Du Lac” affronts the usual hip-hop tropes of sex and money, before “Mil Town-ish” delivers another enlightening sermon about life in Milwaukee.

It’s easy to get lost in the bombast of an undertaking as big as this album, where an artist attempts to weave several divergent sociopolitical vectors into a single statement about flaws in the human condition. Luckily Darick DDS Spears has the intelligence to keep the tracks concise and focused, never letting his creative zest lead to excess.

He is also able to turn up the tempo dial on the electro-tune, “Mil City Times”, which rides along at a steady pace garnished by a melodic hook. “Teutonia News” is another track that flows with a sensational bass groove, but at the forefront there is always Spear’s lyricism which rides the beat effortlessly.

Spears’ messages have a lot of depth. He is able to speak for an entire culture, but also tackle his own personal issues. But it’s the way that Darick approaches these that makes his perspective seem fresh every time. Listen to how he eclectically delivers “Bootleg Man (Nothin To Do)” and the clever wordplay he executes.

As you move ahead through standout tracks like “Mil Town Love”, “MiLtarded” and “MILdew”, it becomes clear that Darick DDS Spears has taken a mature, focused look on the message he wants to convey about Milwaukee and released an album that is phenomenally solid – from the beat production to the lyrics and vocal flow.

Spears has completed a complex picture puzzle of the streets, the hustle, the sex, the drugs, and every other vice or virtue that has left a lasting impression on him in his city. This is really a genuine hip hop album, worthy of a place on any playlist.


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