DCMusicCRO creates three-dimensional soundscapes for the mind!

DCMusicCRO creates three-dimensional soundscapes for the mind!

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DCMusicCRO was born Domagoj Čulinović in Varazdin, Croatia. His father played the accordion in the house that hosted  accordions. Domagoj parents enrolled him into elementary music school, which opened a new world for him. Enrolling into military service Domagoj had the opportunity of spending several hours playing with top musicians, and on weekends to perform with many famous entertainers’ names from the former state.

After  graduating from the Faculty of Geodesy at the University of Zagreb in 1988, Domagoj went to work in Switzerland and start playing keyboards in a band called Walking Tattoo for the next two years. He later got hold of a GEM Multimedia Workstation, which he still has today, and created work for the German and Swiss markets. In 2011 he began recording his own music, and in January 2012 released his debut CD “Somewhere in the Cloud”. Currently working on various projects, DCMusicCRO has released the single entitled, ‘Feel The Sun’.

dcmusicro-350It’s really like going back to the past with the nuances of the present in readiness for the future. The piece is pure ear-candy; moody, melodic, atmospheric, rhythmic, and evocative. The track is a brilliant in the way that it uses musical progressions and soundscapes to create an effect of movement, as if we were descending into a storm on a planet in another galaxy. Like the best pieces of classical music, ‘Feel The Sun’ makes you think about what you are listening to at the moment you hear it. On one level, you admire the technical brilliance of the performance, and the literate nature of the music, while on another level you find yourself being moved in a way that you cannot describe.

If you like Jean-Michel Jarre’s earlier works or you’re into ambient or movie scores, then DCMusicCRO’s ‘Feel The Sun’ is a good track to add to your discography. If however you need the added pleasure of the electric guitar, then the album “Somewhere in the Cloud” is a labyrinth of beautiful keyboard textures and motifs, layered upon a rhythmic cadence of electric guitars which pitches and yaws, varying in excitement and desire as it ascends to its zenith, then falls to earth, and is again reborn. By varying rhythm, volume, texture, and adding female vocal adlibs here and there, DCMusicCRO creates a three-dimensional soundscape for the mind, which is sometimes gentle and smooth and at others, crunchy and grinding.

All his musical arrangements are controlled efforts, and shows that DCMusicCRO has made serious strides in his use of guitars, keyboards as well as electronics in general. The results are beautifully spaced out, and easily accessable to all ears. In places the tracks are aggressive and rock-orientated while still being complex and touching. They are warmer and less imitational than most of what passes for ambient or instrumental music currently. Just lay down on the couch, close your eyes and float with the music. You won’t be disapointed! Some of the outstanding tracks on the album include, ‘Diva’, Free as a Bird’, ‘Somewhere in The Cloud’, ‘Talk About’, ‘Passion Love’ and ‘Evolution’. The moody keyboards, drums and organic instruments create a near-psychedelic yet crisp progressive soundscape that wraps you in tendrils of sound that you will not soon forget.


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