Dead Silence – “Double Back” – one of underground rap’s consistently great voices

Dead Silence – “Double Back” – one of underground rap’s consistently great voices

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From being an opening act for Zapp & Roger, at the age of fifteen, and meeting Cardi B, Trina, and Lecrae, Dead Silence has achieved a whole lot in-between. He has had TV placements for his records “Hustle Machine” and “Tip Toe”, acted on live television under the Urban Movie Channel, and received local and national radio play for his tracks “Paranoia” and “Cruise Control Part 2”. Currently Dead Silence is creating a buzz with his single “Double Back”.

Dead Silence remains one of underground rap’s most prolific and consistently great voices. He is an increasingly commanding rapper, who sounds even more effortlessly great than on previous releases. This is down to the versatility of Dead Silence’s voice and language, as well as his ability to bend clever quips and wordplay into each of his rhymes. The man brings as much of a groove as important messages.

The allure of Dead Silence is his resonant voice and effortless wordplay. His melodic accents push out rhymes that others wouldn’t dream of throwing together. He then folds those clever rhymes into anecdotes and messages, always inciting some kind of reaction in the listener. Its obvious Dead Silence has an abundance of talent, and should be praised for his commitment to focused lyricism.

“I done dodged the penitentiary, I just need some positivity. I done been through hell and back and don’t know how to act I need that type of remedy. That is giving me epiphanies, looking back we seen it vividly. All them moments we was feeling hopeless now love me, keep that energy,” rhymes Dead Silence, laying his thoughts and feelings on the line. His tracks have an incredible amount of thought poured into them.

The chemistry between the rhythm and rhyme in “Double Back” work in tandem to make an infectiously catchy hip-hop groove. For three minutes and 12 seconds, Dead Silence continuously sings-raps over an intensely luscious musical arrangement, and he does not disappoint.

The point of this track, is not simply to show how versatile of an artist Dead Silence is. What is present here is not just versatility, as to be versatile merely just implies a wide range of ability.

What artist Dead Silence displays on “Double Back” is dynamism – an adaptive mastery of both singing and rapping, and this is evident all throughout the project. It is easy to get lost in the artist’s wordplay, introspection, and sheer charisma.

There’s a polish to “Double Back” that doesn’t come from spending a couple of hours in a recording studio. Combined with its powerful, cohesive sound, every part of this single feels meticulously planned and handcrafted.

Dead Silence’s music is fiercely different and unapologetic, yet familiar enough for you to realize that it’s a build off similar soulful templates and catchy ideas. The result is a mesmerizing performance which proves Dead Silence’s relevance and talent, with purpose and poise. Everything hits the right notes on “Double Back”.

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