Decoding the Metaphorical Maze: Lenax’s ‘Inner Dimension’ Explored

Decoding the Metaphorical Maze: Lenax’s ‘Inner Dimension’ Explored

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In the depths of the Nashville area, a solo black metal force known as Lenax emerges, transcending borders with collaborators hailing from Spain, Greece, and Ukraine. Together, they ignite a furious storm that propels their project forward while infusing it with fresh creativity. Currently, Lenax is feverishly crafting their forthcoming full-length opus, “Infection,” slated to unleash its sonic contagion in December 2023. This album delves into the conceptual realm, exploring mankind’s innate longing for personal freedom through a tapestry of metaphors ranging from warfare to cosmic horror. While we anxiously await this epic release, Lenax has gifted us with a bone-shattering single titled “Inner Dimension,” featuring Venomous (USA) on guitar and vocals, Hephaestus (Greece) on bass, and Martin Magliano (Argentina) on drums.

With a formidable fusion of ferocity, intensity, and melodic sensibility, Lenax breathes life into colossal guitar-driven soundscapes on “Inner Dimension.” Their uncanny ability to construct exquisitely grinding compositions that seamlessly transition into hair-raising moments of unadulterated exhilaration is nothing short of remarkable. It serves as a resounding testament to Lenax’s evolution, as they harness an expanded spectrum of sonic colors and emotions since their previous single, “Of Greater Forces.” Rest assured, they wield these artistic tools with unparalleled vividness, as exemplified in the sonic masterpiece that is “Inner Dimension.”

“Inner Dimension” serves as a powerful anthem of self-realization, delving into the duality of light and darkness, wherein one embraces what may be perceived as a curse and transforms it into an advantage – an emblem of an unique and indomitable spirit. As the haunting verse unfolds, we confront the fear of transformative change, a hidden core of the spirit obscured by society’s deceitful facade. Yet, Lenax implores us to gaze skyward, to reach heights we never thought ourselves capable of. For within us lies the Self of selves, yearning to ascend, forever unblinded.

The single artwork

In the spoken interlude, the gates of ultimate truth creak open, beckoning us on a solitary journey, as if the path to enlightenment had finally revealed itself. The pre-chorus serves as a proclamation – a realization that discovering the curse within us is not the worst fate we could endure. Instead, it unveils an inner dimension, a realm waiting to be explored. It reminds us that even under the darkest moons, the other side still yearns for the light and warmth of the sun.

And then, the chorus erupts – an invocation to inhale the sacred flame, merging with the One within and beyond ourselves. Ascend, descend, break free, and rise – a testament to life’s ephemeral nature and the importance of harnessing our limited time to the fullest.

In the second verse, Lenax explores the interweaving personas of the heart and soul, an intricate dance that can descend into derangement. Yet, they rip off the masks of delusion and forced illusion, embracing the chaos from which creation springs forth. Through obliteration comes rebirth – a cyclical process that propels us on the road to awakening, abandoning the shells of past lives.

Once again, the spoken words echo, reminding us of the journey that lies ahead – the arduous yet transformative path that beckons us to transcend our former selves. Returning to the pre-chorus, Lenax guide us once more to acknowledge that the curse within is not a condemnation, but an invitation to delve into the inner dimension that awaits our exploration. Amidst the darkness, we must remember that the sun still shines on the other side.

The chorus resurfaces, a call to action – a deep breath, the absorption of the sacred flame, an immersion into the unity that lies within and beyond ourselves. Lenax, through their blistering sonic assault on “Inner Dimension,” reveal the profound dichotomy between light and dark. They unravel the tale of embracing what society deems a curse and transforming it into a formidable tool of individual power. With a deft combination of aggression, emotion, and melodic prowess, Lenax paints an auditory canvas that captivates and compels.

Lenax is an unstoppable force, harnessing the power of black metal to carve their indelible mark upon the world of music. “Inner Dimension” stands as a testament to the band’s artistic growth and unyielding dedication to crafting aural landscapes that mesmerize and empower.

With their forthcoming album, “Infection,” on the horizon, we eagerly anticipate the band’s further exploration of humanity’s primal yearning for personal freedom. In a world suffocating with conformity, Lenax stands tall, wielding their artistry as a beacon of liberation – a reminder that within the darkest recesses of our souls, lie untold depths waiting to be unleashed upon the world.


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