Deja Loose – genuine and unfiltered

Deja Loose – genuine and unfiltered

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Deja Loose is a singer-songwriter out of Philadelphia PA who plays both the guitar and piano. She went to college but dropped out to do what she loves, which is music. Deja Loose has performed in Miami, Philadelphia, NYC, Richmond, Las Vegas, Baltimore and many more cities around the country. Her first “Wine” has been raking up streams on Apple Music since its release in August 2019. “Better Off”, her second single, was written and recorded within 3 hours after finding her ex-boyfriend cheating with another girl.

Deja Loose brings some spice and excitement back to the sound system. Amidst the electro-pop heaven of “Wine” sits layers of an atmospheric dancehall styled beat and swirling keys. The poignant feel-good lyricism balances the expansive soundscape shifting flawlessly into the super catchy and punchy chorus. Growth and development aside, if there’s one thing that’s undeniable it’s that Deja Loose can write a killer chorus.

Stepping into the realms of R&B, “Better Off” is bona-fide ballad and keeps its feet firmly in the pop realm, exposing the love and loss that we’ve all felt, but in true pop fashion it’s coated in a luscious soundscape to make the tangible feelings manageable. Deja Loose’s confidence to explore just where she wants her sound to go is commendable, but her heart-on-sleeve honesty is the most remarkable facet.

Deja Loose has the voice of an R&B angel, and listeners can feel her emotions through her genuine, unfiltered and sentimental style of crooning. On “Better Off” – which centers on regaining self-confidence and needing only yourself to be happy after being cheated on – comes a brilliant slow-burn offering that holds a mirror up to self-empowerment.

Overall, Deja Loose, in her music, strikes a great balance between rocking out with upbeat soundscapes and soothing nerves with heartfelt songwriting encompassed in slower melodies. She is sure to draw attention.


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