Demension Luckey understands his passion and calling of creating music

Demension Luckey understands his passion and calling of creating music

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Demension Luckey started creating music at the age of twelve, where he would listen to such artist as OutKast, 2 pac Shakur, Led Zeppelin, and many others, Demension experienced the hardships of being born on Detroit’s Westside in the 1980’s at the height of the crack cocaine epidemic that destroyed communities. Demension Luckey began doing music production at the age of fourteen, and has been writing poetry since the age of ten. He has experienced many ups and downs in life from his mother having mental health issues, to having to make life altering decisions that would lead him to understanding his passion and calling of creating music.

Demension Luckey produces records, writes, mixes, and arranges all his own music.  He has been nominated for two Detroit Music Awards. He has won two Mt. Clemons Michigan artist to watch Awards, and has won four (Getting artist Paid) competitions, which highlight sixteen artists’ vs one another to see who the better artist is.

He has done production for International recording artist -Sky Covington also Rock Roll Hall of fame inductee Of the Parliament Funkadelic -Mike Hampton and he has produced music for many artists on the local scene in the city of Detroit, in different genres from rock to hip hop and R&B also jazz.

Demension Luckey’s goal with his music, is to create music that will inspire people to think and feel how they want, to think outside the box and to overcome fear. His recently released EP titled (Sign of the Timez) focuses on current events, life and relationships.

Testimonials Steven Foster/music engineer/recording artist – “I listened to the entire album throughout the afternoon and the Destin is one of my favs…really dig the drum work/sounds going on in there. Similarly, closing track ‘What are you Saying’ is a nice minimalist use of drums. Nice work man. One of the better releases of the year in the local music.Arron Smith/writer – “every record was unique every record had its vibe, great project.”

Demension Luckey is set to release the follow up to his EP (Sign of the Timez) named (Sign of the Timez 2) after over 2 decades of music creation it’s time for the best-kept secret to be told.


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