Dj DMC – Over Two Decades In The Game!

Dj DMC – Over Two Decades In The Game!

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@officialdjdmc has been a Dj since the early 90’s. His first song was made for sports, “Get it Hype in Here” with Mr. Mixx of the 2 Live Crew. In 2016 @officialdjdmc had two major surgeries in less than one year. In 2019 he had an aneurysm clipping and in 2020 had a partial lobectomy. After the brain surgery he struggled with depression and used his love for music to help him through. After the lung surgery he took his production to a new level and released a full album.

In 2021 he released Stuntman Sez with STUNTMAN SEZ featuring some 90’s legends. The Mad Stuntman (I Like to a move it) from Reel 2 Real, General Levy and Kid G from Proyecto Uno. Also in 2021 he will be releasing his second album called Dance 2.

He has over 25 plus years’ experience as a Dj and has opened for major recording artists including: Young MC Tone Loc, All 4 One, Color me Badd, Coolio, Salt-N-Pepa,Saliva, Trapt, Alien Ant Farm, and Crazytown.

He also has volunteered and partnered with many charities to give back and spread love. Partnerships include: Stephen Tulloch Foundation, Tim Tebow Foundation, Sam Martin 6 Foundation, Domestic Abuse and Assault Shelter, Wins for Warriors NFL Alumni Association and more.

His love and passion for music is second to none. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a safe and blessed 2021. @officialdjdmc


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