DJ Wuan J is a sensational Hip-Hip/Rap artist taking over the air waves!

DJ Wuan J is a sensational Hip-Hip/Rap artist taking over the air waves!

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Born in the 804 Area in Virginia and raised in the 434 area. 15 years ago DJ Wuan J returned and became popular not only for his personality but for the talent he has when creating music, which started when he was in the 434 area free-styling in school, then after school, to the street corner and more. It was all for fun as he never really thought of becoming famous. He started thinking about getting money from it as he grew older seeking every instrumental that was available so he could rip it.

Once he got the instrumentals he started writing, then he thought having his own beats but didn’t have the tools to make any, so he beat boxed with his mouth and made a whole album that way. It was still hot as he was rapping about what I did every day from the family reunions, feuds, fights and crimes he was committing and getting away with, and his thoughts about females and the parties that he attended.

Then he realized he stood out when people repeatedly wanted to hear him flow, and when he was on tape with someone else his verse would always be more popular, even when I moved back to the 804 area where I was born. Due to his parents being separated DJ Wuan J got more involved in the streets and participated in gang activities, as well as started drinking heavily and smoking.

He also kept writing as a stress reliever but it was the same thing. He got popular at his new school as he just stepped into cyphers that was going on at lunch. The girls were already onto him, but even more when they heard the type of songs he could make about them.

They was heart felt type songs, which brought tears to their eyes like DJ Wuan J was actually talking to them, but all songs about the girls were not so soft as expected, because they later learned that he was talented when writing poems.

Not just love poems but all types, so when he felt mistreated by a female, he had female diss songs just like if he was disrespected by someone that made music in the school it was a diss song to them. Things started to advance when DJ Wuan J started going to home studios and saw someone actually making beats, then he got the program which was FL studio and taught himself how to make beats.

Then just like his raps people liked his beats and wanted to flow on them everywhere I went.  DJ Wuan J slowed down a bit after having kids now that he is grown he is trying to get back to doing what he loves. DJ Wuan J currently has his single “Life Is Too Short To Wait” on radio rotation and available for download on iTunes.


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