Doug Cash – “Just Like The Others” – favors lavish chords, and a sweeping layer of vocals

Doug Cash – “Just Like The Others” – favors lavish chords, and a sweeping layer of vocals

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“Just Like The Others” isn’t your average indie record. The music sounds like that from the great singer-songwriters, and when you listen to the lyrics, the track is actually a satirical and sarcastic collection of viewpoints on the topic of online dating. Written, arranged, produced and performed by Doug Cash, CEO / Owner of Pryor 2 What ? Records and Music Publishing. The track also finds Cash in full-on crooner mode; always a good singer, this record exposes him as a great singer. Lyrically, of course, it’s stunning and benefits from the songwriter bearing his soul that little bit more about the truths surrounding the online dating phenomenon.

“Just Like The Others” overflows with love misadventures, and put-downs as delicious as they are vicious. The new record, is in the style of what I’ve come to expect from Doug Cash: It’s smart, melodic, witty and full of enough unfiltered commentary about the pursuit of love that you’ll be forced into examining your own sentimental shortcomings after listening to this record. Cash is saying all the things about life and love that we are all too afraid to admit to ourselves.

Fittingly, the track’s most striking moments meditate on the sublime and deeply complicated art of sharing love with an internet partner. Love is a complex thing to say the least, let alone this kind of love. So Cash accordingly approaches it from all angles with an impressive vision.

That he sings his observations with a genuinely soulful croon that can make many a fan swoon, makes him all the more interesting and complex. “Just Like The Others” announces Doug Cash presence loud and clear, with a tune should earned him some more positive press.

Apart from Doug Cash’s lyrical abilities, I really love the music arrangement on “Just Like The Others”. Sonically, the song finds Cash in a ruminative mood, favoring lavish chords, a sweeping layer of vocals and strumming acoustic guitars.

All the while, he still has a knack for unexpected flourishes. Yet it’s a foundation that keeps things rooted and simple and shows just how easy it would be for Cash to perform solo with just a guitar when not belting things out with a larger musical backdrop.

At the end of the day, Doug Cash is part cultural provocateur, part folk-rock satirist, and part soulful balladeer. Skills which keep his listeners alert, entertained, and focused on his complex and beguiling eye. “Just Like The Others” exploits all of these elements to full advantage.


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