DREAM BIG EMPIRE presents Blacc Cuzz – “Wadd Up Doe” – unloads rounds of fire!

DREAM BIG EMPIRE presents Blacc Cuzz – “Wadd Up Doe” – unloads rounds of fire!

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Blacc Cuzz is committed to forging a glorious way forward in his career. More importantly, he’s underscoring his critical lapses in the past for sake of the young guns who may admire him. At this stage, the Pittsburgh, PA, born and raised creative, who fashions himself as a self-made businessman in the mold of Jay-Z, is well aware of his status as an artist and record label boss at Dream Big Empire. The good-natured don of the working class can rap like the most vulgar deacon you’ll ever meet, driven by reactionary outbursts of authenticity and real Hip-Hop. Much like his influences B.G., Soulja Slim, Yo Gotti, Boosie Badazz, Gucci Mane and Jeezy, Blacc Cuzz is the voice of the streets. And if you witness or are part of an argument about his mic skills, then you’ll hear a version of the statement, “Blacc Cuzz is one of the realest in the rap game.”

Blacc Cuzz consistently sets the streets aflame by delivering tales of pain, death, drugs, hustle and triumphs of an underdog, as the upcoming underground star aggressively unloads rounds of fire to remind everyone of his past struggles and the morals he stands by. “We graduated from the streets and we’re grown now,” says Blacc Cuzz. “That’s why we’re going to give them the story in music.”

His Trap-inspired project “Stretch It”, follows this formula, sporting hard, malicious production and a set of honest accounts. Blacc Cuzz allows for the listener to connect to his situation, continuing to share bits and pieces of his life inside his plain-speaking narratives.

Blacc Cuzz’s gritty, but optimistic persona shines through on every track, especially on the single “Wadd Up Doe” – a captivating track, that sees Blacc Cuzz craft a sharp and focused narrative, while handling the hook himself: “I pray to God this shit jump back, cause my plug gone have a problem. And I roll around with robbers and I hang around with shooters. Imma 2 time loser motherfucker it ain’t no choosing. When that drought came and the coke was high I was still booming…”

This is the Blacc Cuzz that everyone can love. Raw lyrics, true emotion, substance, aggressive delivery, and a touch of melody; It’s all there. No doubt, Blacc Cuzz delivers to the highest extent on “Wadd Up Doe”. You can tell Blacc Cuzz is in raw form from the jump.

Over and above being a super lyrical guy, his rapping style is so in your face that it cannot be denied. All of his words hit hard, and his delivery is just fiery. If you’re familiar with Blacc Cuzz, then you know that his rhymes are vivid and true to what he’s gone though in life.

Everything he says is done in such an honest manner that you can’t help but feel it: “I’m spitting some facts nigga I been bout a bag nigga. I love the Pyrex I call that dry sex when I drop an it come back. Imma call my dog please run that, I’m working with a hundred pack.”

If you’re a Blacc Cuzz fan, the project “Stretch It”, as well as the single, “Wadd Up Doe” will be among your favorites of the year. If you have never really been a fan of Blacc Cuzz or have never heard him before, these latest tracks should make you respect what he brings to hip hop.

The independent emcee and CEO, is a one of a kind talent. Though he brings hard truths to the table, his outlook on life is not all doom and gloom. There’s a powerful streak of underlying optimism and positivity displayed on many of his tracks too. Blacc Cuzz’s current mindset and heart is in the right place. And that’s a damn lot more than many of his contemporaries can vouch for.


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