Elle Sera: “Alright” – a certified level of maturity

Elle Sera: “Alright” – a certified level of maturity

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Regardless of your musical leanings Elle Sera is unmistakably genuine in whatever song she chooses to inhabit. Her heart shows through most in her voice, which is uncharacteristically tonic and easy. On the single “Alright”, the second track off her upcoming album to be released in March, her heart is also present in the songwriting. What she produces in cool indie-rock riffs she doubles up in mature song structures. It’s not easy to write new standards in any genre, and Sera has certainly written one here. The song grooves and romps even as it lilts and absolves, awash in shimmery guitar, stately bass, soulful background vocals and swaying drums.

“Alright” contains the elements of everything that make Elle Sera’s music so memorable – deep lyrics, haunting melodies, a voice that doesn’t leave you, musical talent for days and the freedom to talk about emotions or feelings that exist inside and outside love – and are the cornerstones of the best female musicians, typically of indie persuasion, that we see these days.

Sera doesn’t write music as a job but as a means of expression.  Even in the realm of confessional or confrontational songwriters, she stands apart for how honest she allows herself to be. Not the self-indulgent, self-pitying troubadour, her music genuinely sounds like it exists out of time.

While her influences are clear and wide-ranging, there are no particularly indicators, other than a certified level of maturity. Her music feels like it could have been successfully released at any time during the last 30 years. This lends her songs an extraordinary quality.

Every note on “Alright” is delivered with a deftness and directness. The song also offers a lesson in intelligent drumming, with just the amount of momentum it needs – muscular in places and delicate in others – allowing Elle Sera’s dynamically powerful voice to soar through the spaces.

The arrangement is well thought out over the course of the song, and there is many a triumphant moment of epiphany – either instrumentally or vocally. Few singers can erase the distance between performer and listener as shrewdly as Sera can, and that toggle gives “Alright” an extra kick of power.

Elle Sera’s lyrics can provoke profound pondering as easily as sympathetic nods, and “Alright” is full of laudable metaphors, soothing rhyme schemes and genuine sentiments. Her lyrics exert a considerable power, marking this song as indelibly her own.

There are any number of reasons we can supply for our enjoyment of this soulful indie record, most of which should be credited to the artist. Often throughout this song I was reminded of a cross between Stevie Nicks and PJ Harvey. Musically intelligent, emotionally deep, and lyrically poetic, Elle Sera seems to be miles ahead of her contemporaries.

Currently back to her roots in CT after a long love affair with NYC, Elle has been singing since she was 4 yrs. old in theatre, voice overs, TV & film. She later taught herself guitar. The single “Alright” releases on the 26th of January 2018.


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