Eshani: “Hazy” shows her ability to create awesome music

Eshani: “Hazy” shows her ability to create awesome music

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Eshani is an RnB Singer living in Dubai, releasing her first single and music video titled “Hazy” from her upcoming EP that will be released early 2017. Coming from a musical background Eshani decided to pursue her career as an artist early in 2016, focusing on a new genre, a new sound and a new image. The single “Hazy” is a slow mellow track with a soft RnB twist, and the video plays out the song perfectly as it portrays the relativity of deep hallucinations that can occur in an altered state of mind.

Eshani 25, originally from India living in Dubai is trying to break the mold of a typical organic singer. Teaming up with Boom Box Entertainment and Rayan The Producer (Two Local industry entertainment companies) for her upcoming project, has pushed and motivated Eshani to work harder on her music career and invade the world with her completely new sound.

Eshani is definitely new age with a subtle hint of old school rebel. An artist determined not to be like everyone else. She is truly setting herself apart from the mainstream, while making music that engages all walks of life.

On “Hazy” Eshani exhibits a deep maturity beyond her age and has a message that is golden, a style that is unique and a track that is clean enough for all ages to listen. And that’s a triple treat for the ears which happens few and far between these days.

She sounds fearless, open, soulful, sexy and rocking in her choices and style of songs. She without a doubt has the potential to be one of the next big things in music. Here she shows her ability to create awesome music that leaves you feeling emotionally connected.

With so much music today dubbing and overdubbing the singer’s voice it is refreshing to hear music here with Eshani’s voice strongly in the forefront almost untouched, sincere and strong. There is an elegant and whispery sweet uniqueness to Eshani’s vocals that make her a timeless talent regardless of the material she has to handle.

It is here that she drives home the point that she is capable of being both a smooth operator wrapping her voice around syrupy lyrics as well as a powerhouse that muses on emotional and moving experiences.

If you don’t have this single, you will be upset when all your friends are talking about how amazing it is and you are left running to the computer to try and download it. Don’t get caught in the dark, go and find Eshani now. You won’t regret becoming a fan.


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