EsZ – “Found Lost” excels at integrating its concept with its music!

EsZ – “Found Lost” excels at integrating its concept with its music!

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From the get go of his career, I was always fascinated by the way EsZ aka E crooked Letter Z’s raps sounded like stand-alone stories, layered onto entrancing and mesmerizing instrumentals. His latest project “Found Lost” excels at integrating its concept with its music. EsZ’s steady and resonant baritone grounds the otherwise flowy and constantly moving melodies. He is confident in his raps, spitting them out like ultimate truths. Right off the cuff, EsZ explains how the track list spells out a sentence: “Lost” – “Inna” – “World of My Own” – “Pink Lemonade” – “Sippin’ as I” – “Find Myself” – “Blue Dreaming”.

“Found Lost” not only reflects EsZ’s own journey and awakening, but also his belief that if others focus on finding truth, the world would be a much better place. The 7 track project is not only an integral piece of work, but also sets the tone for other rappers to follow. Honesty ages better than any other virtue, revealing that from the start through his music, EsZ has been unafraid to reveal his truths, while pushing others to do the same.

EsZ aka E crooked Letter Z is a different breed of rapper. He can spit bars as ferocious as anyone else in the game, but is intent on instilling wisdom and complex laidback deliveries into the grand scheme of his music. In his latest project, the New York City emcee continues to stand out amongst his contemporaries and the rest of his peers.

Right from the opening track, “Lost (Like a Kite)”, EsZ shows he is a lyrical and storytelling beast – a true wordsmith. As a matter of fact, his deep, honest words are the highlight of this project. He sets the bar high on the exemplary “Inna”, tip-toeing his way through the sly ass beat, using the nimblest of flows.

One can’t help but fall in love with “(W.O.M.O) World of My Own”. On the mellifluous track, EsZ raps like an artist who knows he’s about to snatch the souls of listeners with his lyrics and vibe. Meanwhile, on “Pink Lemonade”, he sets forth to spread his passionate Casanova pussy wisdom.

“Sippin’ As I” is what I would call a mellow mini banger. It features a drowsy hook and melancholy vibes on the instrumental, however, you also get an assertive version of EsZ aka E crooked Letter Z, who plots his way to the finish line utilizing an unflappable flow and powerful vocals.

“Find Myself” presents the type of EsZ I personally love. Soulful, mellifluous and smooth, with real ass groove and vocal nuances galore over a mesmerizing, mind-numbing instrumental, made, like all the other beats, by Erron’s Attic aka EsZ himself. It’s almost like EsZ is at his best when it sounds like he’s not trying as hard.

“Blue Dreaming” ultimately describes EsZ’s state of being, and its one that’s totally lit. EsZ doesn’t make music you will hear on the radio. Powered by instrumentals that are warm, embracing and almost elegant-like, EsZ aka E crooked Letter Z does everything from croon beautifully to rap brilliantly on these instrumentals, finding unique ways to explain the cool shit that’s running through his lungs and mind. On “Found Lost”, EsZ continues to make some of the most intriguing music in the hip hop game today.


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