Ex-Girlfriend – “Creepy” provides an alluring rock template

Ex-Girlfriend – “Creepy” provides an alluring rock template

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Ex-Girlfriend is a new independent artist based in Los Angeles. Inspired by the 90s and early 2000s she brings elements of the music style from those decades, and puts them in her music with a modern twist. “It has always been a true goal of mine to be able to release music that someone could listen to,” says Ex-Girlfriend, “and relate to it, feeling a sense of comfort in the way music has always done for me my whole life.” “Creepy” is her debut single release.

I loved every single second of this recording, Ex-Girlfriend has talent and she doesn’t sound like all the pop princesses out there, she sings from the soul and that’s what hooked me. I am so tired of all the music that sounds exactly alike, you listen and don’t have a clue as to who you just heard because they are all engineered and produced to sound exactly the same.

Ex-Girlfriend has a beautiful smoky, crisp voice that cuts you like a knife and pulls you towards her in the best way possible. You will find your senses exploding upon first contact with “Creepy”. The insistent rhythm, the banging drums, the crunchy guitars, showcases the fact that Ex-Girlfriend is an artist who makes music on her own terms, affording the track with whatever it needs to aid her vision.

What you hear is a songwriter talented well beyond her years and a vocalist with the chops to back up her ambitious blend of bravado and sultry charm. Her lyrical content and the force with which she layers her arrangement provides an alluring rock template on which she is able to flex her singing muscles.

“Creepy” illustrates her unique ability to be brutally honest without coming across as too earnest or naïve. You can’t buy that kind of confidence, especially impressive for an artist who’s just on her debut release. From the moment the track starts there is a vibe to it. It’s serious. It’s a bit dark. It’s biting, and it’s all centered around a potent vocal line and a thumping drum beat.

In fact, the powerhouse vocal presence, skilled guitar work, and alternative rock edge make this track one that will appeal to new and old fans of the genre alike. Ex-Girlfriend proves that she knows what it means to rock.

“Creepy” feels like it was made for the music system of a convertible speeding down the California highway. The track affirms that rock and roll is anything but dead. Ex-Girlfriend’s powerhouse vocals and lyrical bite, captures an authentic rock and roll spirit and struts with a direct and unapologetic feminine energy.

It is a ready-made alternative rock anthem full of emotional resolve, which has become a rarity in modern day music. The confidence, raw talent, and attitude differentiates Ex-Girlfriend from her contemporaries. Despite that, there is nothing presumptuous or cocky about her. She’s just pure talent that will kick your ass, leave you exited, and have you begging for more.



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