Exit 22 Music: “The Magic In You” – a warm hug of organic sound!

Exit 22 Music: “The Magic In You” – a warm hug of organic sound!

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The New York City based Exit 22 Music takes Rock and RnB to the next level, and gives us a truly remarkable record with his latest release – “The Magic In You” – which is mostly unheard of today because of overproduced and over-marketed releases. What’s so great about Exit 22 Music? Practically every song this project writes is catchy. There are intelligent, decipherable lyrics, and musicality is top-notch. Each subsequent release by this project, always seems to be a new musical statement. The male singer – which is another first for Exit 22 Music – has a voice that is a delicious feast for the ears, delivering a sultry and sexy blend to enjoy any time of day. The result, is yet another single that contains many moments of musical bliss. The ubiquitous arrangement becomes a warm hug of organic sound, soulful lead vocals, and silky harmonies. Exit 22 Music layered a sonically lush production that suits the song and singer perfectly.

It would have been easy for Exit 22 Music to clone previous releases or to have tailored this new single to the reigning hip-hop, pop or rock singles of the day. Instead, project leader Chris Calamera and Johnny Zatylny, created a track that maintains its integrity and depth, bringing us a classic nineties flavor migrated to the current sound.

Chris Calamera of Exit 22 Music

Calamera and Zatylny don’t just act as producers and songwriters who mirror the times, but creative artists that transcend them. “The Magic In You”, is smooth and polished, as well as romantic and uplifting. Just what we need in the stressful times we’re living.

“The Magic In You” has all of this and more. It has an insistent beat, but it’s not overwhelming. It blends together with peaceful, occasionally ethereal guitars and pianos. This is, no doubt, stylish music, but first and foremost it’s a warm, encouraging song penned by very talented creatives.

There’s nothing that comes close to being a weak link here; from the songwriting, to the arranging, production and performing.  Listening to it in the warmth of a sunny white-sanded beach, during a cozy afternoon with a loved one, is an incredibly powerful experience.

The global message of the song, if there is one, is “Being in love is a beautiful thing!” This is the type of song, which in the wrong hands could fail and come off as cheesy, but Exit 22 Music succeeds marvelously. Aside from the writing and musical production, there’s a delightful optimism in the singing that sounds strong rather than naive. It’s hard to feel down after listening to such an uplifting track as this.

Exit 22 Music is certainly one of the most talented indie musicians, producers and songwriters around. His songs have clear, strong messages, warm, inspirational lyrics, heartfelt singing, rich musical arrangements, and a whole lot of emotion packed in.

“The Magic In You” is a one step away from his usual Pop-Rock styling, and another away from his habitual collaborations with female lead singers.  Judging by the outcome of this track, Exit 22 Music should have no fear of stepping into any direction he chooses. His music takes substance, depth, and timeless quality, to an extreme level.

MORE ABOUT: Exit 22 Music is the brainchild of founder Chris Calamera, a talented artist with over 20 years of experience in the music industry. Exit 22 Music set out to create a direct and creative blend of music through the use of clever musical ideas, innovative instrumentation and poignant lyrics. The music production company’s blend of pop, rock and dance beats, mark the sonic coordinates of their songs, including recent singles “Break These Chains”, “Last Goodbye”, and “Before I Fall”.

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