Feminism In Nigeria: Lady Donli

Feminism In Nigeria: Lady Donli

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Nigeria’s music scene is largely dominated by men. Artist like Lady Donli strive to create lanes for women across various industries. Lady Donli’s most recent collaboration was for her Music Video Games. Lady Donli employed a majority female crew to shoot the video. We live in climate where we all carry a social responsibility for what we believe in. Artist like Lady Donli are shifting the narrative in Nigeria. Lady Donli explained why empowering women is so important for her.

“I strive to empower the women around me. I try my best to work with women, or share ideas with other women. Creatively and other wise, the entertainment industry especially where I come from (Nigeria) is heavily dominated by men. I’m trying my best to encourage the younger girls that talk to me, giving them tips, helping them push in ways that I can. On my next project I’m definitely trying to work with more women, from the videos I shoot, to the instrumentation of the pieces I compose. There’s power in numbers, if there’s more women at the forefront of our industry then there’s better representation and in turn there will be some form of balance. “  – Lady Donli

Lady Donli stepped onto the scene with her Neo-Soul sounds shaking ground in Nigeria, US, and UK. She is shaping the mindset of men and women across the globe. The Neo-soul star is a perfect mixture of pro-blackness, feminism, and undeniable talent. Her live performances are equal to her in studio vocals. Lady Donli is a vocal power house with electric stage presence.

Lady Donli just wrapped a major tour that travelled across the globe. The singer wrapped her tour in New York city with a bang. Lady Donli has retuned to the studio create magic. Here’s what Lady Donli had to say about her forth coming album. “I think it will give people a different view about my music. I’ve been boxed a lot when it comes to the perceptions of what my sound is. Now, I’ve finally understood my vocal dynamics and now I know how I want to present my music to the world so I’m really excited about it and more excited of the tour that will follow after it’s dropped.” – Lady Donli

Her new album is highly anticipated. The singer plans to launch a bigger and better tour in 2019. Her much anticipated video games is scheduled to be released November 2018. Be sure to follow the rising star across her social media platforms @Lady Donli.

Written By: Marissa Yotes @BeYou

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