Fly Never Dies Releases “The Love and The Stars” EP

Fly Never Dies Releases “The Love and The Stars” EP

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Fly Never Dies is a genre-bending group whose music fuses hip-hop vocals, rock guitar, and pop flair to create a sound unique to today’s trends.

Fly-Never-Dies-Cover-200The group consists of Jay “Trew Music” Crockett, a Prince George, Virginia based artist, actor, model and songwriter, and Eric Haywood, an Atlanta, Georgia based producer and multi-instrumentalist.

The Band occasionally features singer/songwriter Casey Shea and Producers DC Soul Plus Mind and Dan Edinberg.

Fly Never Dies has recently released the 6-track Ep, entitled “The Love and The Stars”. The single “Love and The Stars featuring Casey Shea”, as well as the track “Make Me Happy featuring Koli Givens” has been garnering certified public interest and both songs are currently on radio rotation.


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