Flyguytk & BigMoneyAce Deliver Anthemic & Groovy Trap/Jazz Fusion Single ‘Religions’

Flyguytk & BigMoneyAce Deliver Anthemic & Groovy Trap/Jazz Fusion Single ‘Religions’

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About The Release

Flyguytk releases an anthemic, grand, and powerful trap/jazz single ‘Religions,’ featuring BigMoneyAce. The release features a groovy beat with a vocal performance that will grasp the listener. ‘Religions’ will hook the listeners in with the lyricism and mesmerizing instrumentation. The single delivers an uplifting progression, a driving bassline, and a raw, uplifting vocal by the artist. Undoubtedly, the single has the ability to resonate with the listener as it contains a unique style and sound that will have people playing it over and over. Flyguytk does an outstanding job of keeping the track refreshing and engaging through the powerful lyricism, and atmospheric, feel-good elements. The contrast between sections gives the vocal another level of intimacy. ‘Religions’ is a complete single that will sit well with any hip-hop, trap, and jazz music aficionado as it is catchy, unique, and diverse.

About Flyguytk

Flyguytk is an emerging artist, singer, and songwriter originating from Oakland, California. Flyguytk differentiates himself through his unique musical style, fusing R&B, hip-hop, rock, and jazz elements. The Oakland native seeks to be innovative through his sound and influence people around the world. Inspired by his party lifestyle and wealth generation tactics, Flyguytk is an artist quickly making a name for himself. His storytelling ability and unique voice will captivate listeners across the musical spectrum. Flyguytk is the next big name in the new force to be reckoned with in the music industry.


Single “Party With The Demons” featuring older brother Jk4theplay

Peaked at #71 in iTunes hip-hop charts in the USA & #68 in Belgium

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