Frank Fois – the new generation of the blues!

Frank Fois – the new generation of the blues!

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All began when the Italian blues singer, guitarist, and songwriter Frank Fois, at the age of 3, picked up the guitar. His passion for the music especially the Blues and Rock, led him to play and sing every day in search of his sound and his musical soul. Frank studied classical guitar at the Music Conservatory and soon he performed throughout Italy and other parts of Europe. Over the years, Frank developed a unique style, which is reminiscent of the great bluesmen like Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Mike Bloomfield and BB King. A fundamental part of his style is his voice with which manages to excite those who hear it.

Frank Fois
Frank Fois

Once he moved to New York, Frank played in some legendary Blues clubs like the “BB King’s Blues Club”, “Terra Blues”, and many others, where he also jammed with different well-known musicians.

Music has continued to stream out of Frank Fois and his guitar. Listening to some of his recent work, you can see the skills that he has built up. On “Five Long Years” he belts out earnest sounding vocals while shredding on guitar and making it bleed the blues with amazing speed fills. He’s known for his strong voice and for the power that he extracts from the strings, like on the instrumental “Out Of Reach”.

Frank lets the instrument do all the talking as he picks and bends with pinpoint accuracy. Frank’s vocals, in step with his electrifying ability on the axe, offer the complete package for this rising star, he truly puts his emotion into his music. To merge yourself into his musical soul, go to his website at


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