Free From Gravity: “I’ll be Home for Christmas” is too quintessential and well-executed to not to like

Free From Gravity: “I’ll be Home for Christmas” is too quintessential and well-executed to not to like

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Free From Gravity, a Portsmouth UK based 5 piece classic rock band, has announced its new band lineup. Led by founder and front man Vince Barnes, the band takes a new direction with members: Philip Estell (Drummer), Urszula Filipowicz (Keyboards/Backing Vocals), Roger Cooper (Lead Guitar) and Andy Stratford (Bass Guitar). This new lineup kicks things off to a rousing start with the brand new single, “I’ll be Home for Christmas”.

The single was written some 28 years ago, while Vince was on duty in a submarine. It was a few weeks before Christmas when Vince and his team were informed that they would not be sent home for the holiday as planned. The emotions, thoughts, and feelings that Vince experienced during that time were recorded in his lyrics.

ffgravity-300I’m not very fond of Christmas songs so I was afraid “I’ll be Home for Christmas” was going to be a track I would have to warm to, and listen to a few times before I decided whether I liked it or not. But it wasn’t the case – maybe because I’d already warmed up to Free From Gravity a while back, or that the song really doesn’t sound much like the usual clichéd Santa stuff.

Instead the song shares all of the traits that made me enjoy the band’s music in the first place – a strong melody, great storytelling, and that classic, timeless retrospective pop-rock sound.

Free From Gravity may have changed the line-up, but they manage to retain their structural dynamics and pop-rock virtuosity. So even if I’m not fond of Xmas songs, “I’ll be Home for Christmas” is too quintessential and well-executed to not to like. This is a satisfying listening experience performed in exquisite splendor and vitality-driven gusto.

The recording finds the British outfit amplifying the rock elements of their sound, without sacrificing the massive pop appeal of this melody. The guitars and bass bounce in a polyrhythm, followed by plenty of charming keyboards and percussion as well as a catchy, warm vocal line and sweet harmonies, as the track continues to explore Vince Barnes’ incredible melody and lyrical depth.

Have no fear that the band has changed members, this is a great recording. The new band’s technical skill and musical prowess is revealed and sounds generally stunning here. Vince Barnes’ powerful yet calming delivery makes for a wonderfully emotional experience which is born out of the song’s heartfelt lyrics.

No doubt this single will invigorate Free From Gravity and inspire them to continue to fill the musical landscape with great tracks. In fact, in the New Year you can expect more from Free From Gravity, with their project, “Tea, Coffee or Something” a song about a homeless guy Vince met on the street.


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