Free Songwriting and Music advice by established industry insiders

Free Songwriting and Music advice by established industry insiders

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Credits include Toby Keith and Ray Charles to name but a few.

By now, most musicians have at least heard about the online music production company SongCat based in Springfield, MO with partner studios in Chicago, IL and West Palm Beach, FL. According to their latest press release, the company continued their rapid growth throughout the year 2015 becoming one of the major production facilities online for musicians worldwide.

Starting in January 2016, SongCat will release a monthly video series featuring music industry insiders who for example won the CCMA Songwriter of the Year and the BMI Songwriter Award. Confirmed speakers have penned songs for artists such as George Strait, Toby Keith or Ray Charles and found success as songwriters, producers, A&R agents or music publishers.

The free video series will be a great resource for upcoming musicians looking for advice on their craft. Chris Erhardt, who is the head of production and CEO of SongCat said: “Anyone with a topic in mind for the video series is welcomed to email their suggestions to us at or through our online form at and we’ll consider using it,” Erhardt continued: “We are a collaborative company that always welcomes input from aspiring musicians.”

Additionally to the free monthly video series, SongCat now offers a free service called Collaboration Match. Chris explains the service as: “… a dating website, but for musicians and without fake profiles and photoshopped pictures,” He also said. “We match people with a suitable collaborator for them and together they can start creating great music.”

Anyone can sign up and submit their profile. This is a great solution for someone writing lyrics, looking for a composer to create the chord progression and melody to the lyrics or for musicians who are not good with words.

Other benefits when collaborating are the shared cost of music production and joint promotion efforts to place the final production.

Once a collaboration match has been found, the two musicians will be introduced to each other and can start crafting their song. Once they came up with the lyrics and drafted a rough work tape with the melody and chord progression, SongCat’s music production team will take over and produce a high quality song for the collaborators.

Anyone interested in finding their perfect collaboration partner should create a profile at .

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