Get Adam: “Head Up” ft Breanna Marin is thoroughly relatable, extremely catchy and absolutely radio ready

Get Adam: “Head Up” ft Breanna Marin is thoroughly relatable, extremely catchy and absolutely radio ready

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Get Adam is a rapper, songwriter, and producer from Avondale, AZ, who has been dropping a series of singles to launch his momentum into the music industry. His previous single, “Saving Grace” was a song Get Adam rapped for, and about his daughter, and the positive impact she has had on his life. Now the artist is back with a brand new single, entitled “Head Up”, and the topic is still the same…his daughter. This clearly indicates what a central figure she is in his life. And the lyrics narrate an emotional story that is as much a sufferance as it is a blessing: “Love is blind but blood is thicker than water. Sticking me in a situation similar to a castration. A week without seeing my sunshine had me feeling weak and feeling borderline, inclined to cut my own lifeline.”

As can be gauged, Get Adam finds himself in a scenario many separated parents go through, especially fathers who do not have custody of their children. It’s often a desperate situation that takes plenty of courage and goodwill to get through.

“Head Up”, which is produced by Mantra and features the stunning Breanna Marin on the melodic hook, tells Get Adam’s side of the story in a romance gone wrong, and the negative consequences thereof.

Built on a luscious electronic beat and a sound that immediately draws analogies to duets by Drake and Rihanna, “Head Up” is thoroughly relatable, extremely catchy and absolutely radio ready. Breanna – who is one of the best hook singers I have ever heard, and that includes major label artists – is a perfect match for Get Adam’s nuanced voice, easy going flow and crystal clear diction.

Knowing of Get Adam in the past, I see him as an underrated rapper in the music world. I think of him as an artist who is truly himself rather than portraying an image nourishing his potential fame on topics such money, sex, and violence.

His motto is simple: no show-boating, just direct, economical and honest music to help you reach a higher state of self-determination and consciousness. It’s an impressive tactic from a rapper who’s always taken his craft seriously, and relishes the opportunity to do a really great job on every track he releases.

In a scene in which the rules are constantly being redefined, what sets Get Adam apart is just how loyally he sticks to the templates laid down by himself. He is a meticulous songwriter who pours his heart and soul into his music, revealing numerous obstacles he has, or is facing, throughout his life. After listening to any of his songs, you’ll receive the sense that you somehow know Get Adam personally.

On “Head Up”, Get Adam attacks the beat and entrances the audience as he narrates true-life events rather than rapping mindless and tedious lyrics. He proves himself to be an artist rather than another mainstream rapper. Get Adam is authentic, raw and pure. Moreover he is heartbreakingly honest, which is why he will eventually take the music industry by storm.


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