Get Ready to Groove: Ari Joshua’s ‘One Dub’ EP Sets the Stage for Musical Bliss

Get Ready to Groove: Ari Joshua’s ‘One Dub’ EP Sets the Stage for Musical Bliss

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Prepare to be mesmerized. Ari Joshua, a rising star in the reggae dub firmament, unveils his latest masterpiece – the aptly titled “One Dub” EP. This isn’t just a collection of remixes; it’s a sonic odyssey, a testament to artistic collaboration, and a gateway to pure aural bliss.

Ari Joshua

Ari Joshua dons the conductor’s hat, leading a band of virtuosos through a soundscape that reveres reggae dub’s roots while audaciously pushing its boundaries. Recorded in the hallowed halls of Brooklyn’s Bunker Studio, “One Dub” throbs with the energy of a live performance, meticulously captured by the skilled hands of engineer Alex Conroy.

But Ari Joshua isn’t on this expedition alone. Joining him are luminaries whose names ignite recognition in any music lover’s heart. John Kimock, a rhythmic powerhouse destined to tour with both Phish bassist Mike Gordon and Dead & Co bassist Otiel Burbridge this year, lays down a foundation of groove so tight it could bend time. Bassist Andy Hess, a veteran of collaborations with acts such as Gov’t Mule and The Black Crowes, injects the music with a depth that resonates in your very soul. Finally, the ethereal grace of keyboardist Eden Ladin weaves a tapestry of melodies that soar and caress the soundscape.

Together, this formidable quartet embarks on a pilgrimage through the heart of reggae dub. Infectious rhythms pulse through the title track, while Mell Dettmer of Studio Soli takes the reins on the remixes, elevating them to sonic nirvana. Dettmer’s masterful touch breathes new life into Ari Joshua’s composition, sculpting soundscapes that are equal parts immersive and exhilarating.

What truly elevates “One Dub” is Ari Joshua’s guitar mastery. His silky-smooth melodies weave a web of sound that lingers long after the last note fades. Each track pulsates with a sense of synergy – a testament to the deep connection these artists share with their craft. From the opening notes, a palpable energy crackles through the speakers, a testament to the convergence of raw talent, artistic vision, and technical brilliance.

The “One Dub” crew

Jonathan Plum, the sonic architect behind the mixing desk at London Bridge Studios, adds another layer of brilliance. His deft touch imbues each track with depth and dimensionality, creating a truly enveloping listening experience. The final touch comes courtesy of Blase aka Reberlan Paresqui, whose evocative artwork adorns the cover of “One Dub,” providing a visual counterpart to the musical journey within.

“One Dub” transcends the boundaries of a simple remix project. It’s the culmination of Ari Joshua’s lifelong dedication to music. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, and raised in America, Joshua brings a global perspective to his sound, infusing his compositions with a spirit of wanderlust and exploration.

As the visionary behind The Music Factory, a haven for aspiring musicians, Ari Joshua is more than just an artist; he’s an educator, a facilitator of musical dreams. With “One Dub,” he extends an invitation – a chance to join him on a vibrant exploration of reggae dub, a world where rhythm reigns supreme and melodies transport you to sun-drenched shores.

So, surrender to the intoxicating embrace of “One Dub.” Let the rhythms wash over you, let the melodies transport you, and allow the magic of Ari Joshua and his collaborators to carry you away to a state of pure sonic bliss. Mark your calendars – “One Dub” drops on streaming platforms worldwide on May 10th, 2024. Prepare to be captivated.



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