Get Yourself Drawn in the “Magic Pills” Music Video!

Get Yourself Drawn in the “Magic Pills” Music Video!

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Music producer from the NY area Alex Moss is creating an unordinary music video. This is an animated comic strip with an exciting story about a guy Sam, his English bulldog and a pill box with experimental meds that accidentally appeared instead of Sam’s depression pills. His dog starts talking to him telling to do some things Sam had never had courage for. And when on their road appear Sam’s EX and mad boss from his job things suddenly take new development.

magic-pills-350According to creator’s words, it’s not just a music video. Composition of a high energy song, amazing drawings and video comics (as one of ‘Magic Pills’ fans said ‘vomics’) in interactive form with casting contest deserves some attention! Alex has chosen 100 people whose appearance will help to draw all the characters but there are still vacancies among ‘Magic Pills’ roles.

So if you want to get yourself drawn in a music video you should send your best photos to Alex and see what happens. Host of a famous web show in Philadelphia, PA, Jimmy Star, will be featured with a guest role in this video. By the way, you can back ‘Magic Pills’ project on Kickstarter and get exclusive things on this comics.


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