Ghalil Einstein’s lyrical ability is definitely showcased throughout his tracks

Ghalil Einstein’s lyrical ability is definitely showcased throughout his tracks

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Ghalil Einstein is an artist, filmmaker, writer, actor and producer. He finished College at 19, and then took Healthcare training while being a chef, making music, beats and also participating in writing, acting and dancing activities. A year after his training finished, Ghalil decided to leave DC for LA, to attend film school – while continuing to make beats, rap…and being a chef. Now, after finishing film school, Ghalil Einstein continues to work at his passion within the entertainment industry.

Ghalil Einstein has released various tracks, including ‘Skirmish’ and ‘Kanye West’. With clever wordplay, inspiring subject matter, and a deviance from mainstream hip-hop, Ghalil emerges as a lyrical wordsmith, instead of a rap god with machine-gun flows and rhyming swagger.

Ghalil Einstein
Ghalil Einstein

Ghalil Einstein displays a fully-loaded arsenal of engaging lyrics through introspection, intelligence, and spirituality. He is at his best when his rhymes speak to the listener in a poetic and sometimes prophetic like manner.

Ghalil Einstein’s lyrical ability is definitely showcased throughout his tracks, while he drops meaningful metaphors over consistent beats. It’s good to see young artists who still rhyme for the love of hip-hop, as well as the need to spread enlightening knowledge around the world, instead of the recent influx of materialistic, commercial rappers with plenty to show and nothing to say.

Ghalil Einstein lyrics are always rich and detailed and the issues he address range far more than today’s typical rap topics about hoes, cars, money and other materialism.  This cohesion of lyrics and great beats makes this Ghalil’s tracks consistent and enjoyable. He doesn’t worry too much about creating a gangsta persona or achieving fake street cred. Ghalil tells what he knows and it turns out as enjoyable songs.

Ghalil Einstein fully develops his technical rapping skills and rhyming flow to match his above ordinary lyrical prowess, he no doubt will be recognized and appreciated by a much wider spread group of hip-hop fans.

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