Gilbert Engle:  “2016 Petite Jazz Fusion – Peter Fraize” – a powerhouse of great instrumentation and thumping rhythms

Gilbert Engle: “2016 Petite Jazz Fusion – Peter Fraize” – a powerhouse of great instrumentation and thumping rhythms

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Gilbert Engle is a musician, composer and artist who has been composing music for over 30 years. Gilbert started his career as a Java programmer. At age 47, he retired and has since dedicated his life to creating works of art and music full time. His music compositions include rock, jazz, fusion, blue grass and many other genres.

gilbert-engle-pf-350Among the many albums released, containing Gilbert’s compositions, there is “2016 Petite Jazz Fusion – Peter Fraize”, featuring the players – Peter Fraize (alto soprano saxophone), Sibelius (piano),Mike Pryor, Charles Wright (bass), and Sean Peck (drums). The eleven tracks on this album share co-writing credits between Gilbert Engle and Peter Fraize.

2016 Petite Jazz Fusion – Peter Fraize” is a powerful demonstration of Peter Fraize ability to ‘let it flow’. Like a fine wine that lingers lightly on the palate, these tracks enrapture my spirit and make me feel a bit light-headed whenever I listen to them.

Peter Fraize plays the sax effortlessly, making the notes sound as smooth as silk. Never sour, glaring, or over-bearing, his musical notes wrap one in a warm afterglow–long after the melodies have ended.

There are certain pieces of work that must be included in any decent music collection no matter what your taste in music. We usually refer to these as “classics”. “2016 Petite Jazz Fusion – Peter Fraize” is one of those. A delight from beginning to end, and more than just fine musical workmanship and technique, Fraize and the rest of the combo captures the soul and essence of each tune.

Gilbert Engle
Gilbert Engle

The eleven tracks exudes sheer brilliance and is totally hypnotic, you’ll want to listen to it time and time again. Fraise reaches as far back to the 60s jazz greats for inspiration, then puts his own style right on it, grabbing everything groovy along the way back to 2016.

If you’re expecting Kenny G styled background soundscapes or elevator music for the musically deaf, don’t. The Gilbert Engle / Peter Fraize are creative, energetic, expansive and totally fleshed out musically.

Fraize especially, hardly leaves a note unturned in his solos and melodies.   It’s a perfect balance of groove, scope and sophistication, and it’s eminently listenable, as well as totally enjoyable.

This recording is a powerhouse of great instrumentation and thumping rhythms. The music is cutting edge and fresh while maintaining a straight ahead identity. The tracks are incredibly rich, showcasing a seemingly limitless stream of ideas.

Not only does this collection of songs have style and class, but it showcases the best in quality saxophone music from a very remarkable Saxophone player in Peter Fraize. Together with Gilbert Engle, he went all out for this album, giving the listeners the kind of great contemporary jazz they are not so accustomed to hearing anymore.

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