Go Caracas: “That’s What Love Is About” leaves a lasting impression

Go Caracas: “That’s What Love Is About” leaves a lasting impression

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Go Caracas is an Electronic Pop/Rock Duo from Caracas, Venezuela, consisting of producers and multi-instrumentalists, Juan Degwitz and Erick Kislinger. They compose and write their music via internet due to the fact that they currently don’t live in same cities. The duo has just released their latest single, entitled “That’s What Love Is About”.

The indie scene’s love affair with electronic pop music has always been an iffy proposition – from the two-step shuffle commonly associated with scenesters at concerts to the fairly awkward relationship many fans have with “cool” dance-pop, it’s always been difficult to correspond “indie” to “electronic” or vice versa.

Go Caracas
Go Caracas

With the recent upswing in dance-oriented groups and accompanying critically-acclaimed albums, it’s become okay for indie fans formerly content with a four-piece rock band to kick out the electronic sets and neon shirts and actually move those feet.

The resulting over-saturation of electro-pop, techno-lite music has become impossible to ignore and even harder to tolerate, and so it’s refreshing to hear a group like Go Caracas and a record like “That’s What Love Is About”, a track so unabashedly fun and free of postmodern irony that it’s an almost unreasonably good time.

A heady blend of `80s-tinged synth pop, whirling atmospheric electronica, and frothy, carefree pop with smart lyrics, this is music that holds itself above no one and caters to everyone. And as you can guess, it’s pretty damn catchy too.

The track is a massive pastiche of musical styles, a neon-bright watercolor of a dance-ready and sunny pop melody that keeps everything nicely packed together into three-and-a-half-minute slice of old and new. Producers Juan Degwitz and Erick Kislinger deserve much credit.

They work seemingly effortless magic here, infusing the duo’s disparate styles into a vigorous whole – A gleaming array of instruments that rise and fall with the melodic vocals, but never overwhelm or clash.

For all its apparent simplicity, this is a recording that leaves a lasting impression and an overwhelming desire to go through it again. “That’s What Love Is About” is an eclectic effort that is an excellent example of painstakingly refined craftsmanship; a purely pop track meticulously put together for maximum summer enjoyment, yet one that loses nothing in immediacy or creativity.

A vibrant amalgam that will no doubt prove as timeless as pop music itself, it not only makes it okay to dance, it makes it perfectly righteous!


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