Golden Baby Pro: “The Golden Rule Vol.1” draws you into the artist’s world

Golden Baby Pro: “The Golden Rule Vol.1” draws you into the artist’s world

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Golden Baby Pro aka GBP is an incredible rhymer, and doesn’t use that incredibly annoying rapping style that many of his regional peers do. Not only are his flow and rhymes top-notch, he has good beats backing him up. GBP is so about his game, lyrically and mentally, with the kind of confidence that is damn infectious. And stays firmly focused on being sharper than his competition. He can be a syllable-heavy rhyme-stacker or a comparatively laid-back smooth presence with a penchant for similes. Catchy enough for pop fans, lyrically satisfying for traditionalists and ideal for soulful listening, his album “The Golden Rule Vol. 1” forges 21 easy listening tracks. You just slip this thing on, press play and let it ride. No need to hit skip or shuffle. This becomes a rare case of an album appealing to everybody without ever seeming like it’s pandering to anybody in particular.

Lyrically, watch out you other rappers. Golden Baby Pro can use his words to tell a story that you will listen to. He will talk about his life, his beefs and of course hustling and grinding. Each song also has a different rhyme style that makes him likeable to all. From the minute the opening track, “On My Own” kicks in, GBP is out to show a different side of Texas emcees.

What immediately draws you into the artist’s world is his distinct and intriguing voice, as well as his complex rhyme scheme, particularly the way he effortlessly changes tempos and styles. But beyond all the flash lies his ability to provide cunning lyrics and conceptual material rarely seen from today’s crop of Texan emcees.

This is seen throughout “The Golden Rule Vol. 1”, as Golden Baby Pro reinforces that the South can indeed rap. Efforts such as “Let Em Know”, “Impeccable” and “Live & Direct”, quickly displays his lyrical dexterity and hook making ability. His knack for the construction of addictive and harmonized hooks, as heard on “Impeccable” further sets him apart from his counterparts.

The more times you listen to these tracks, the more you’ll love them. Even when GBP is tearing up a track aggressively, as on “Southern Girl”, he doesn’t miss a step. He’s just that good. But his at his best, positioned inside of a soulfully melodic beat like “New Beginning” or “On My Mind” ft. C. Stein.

Golden Baby Pro voice is easy to listen to and he has a very inviting flow, commanding every track like he is a pro, and it is evident on “Grindin’ Daily”, “Gametime” and the standout “I Want You”. GBP who is adept at punchlines, also masters the craft of storytelling, while he has great diction in general. Listen to how he keeps his lyrics clear and audible on “Sho Feels Good” and “Like” regardless of the steady pace he is holding down.

If you never felt the new South movement, Golden Baby Pro is the answer for you. He brings something fresh to the table, and his talent should not be overlooked. Particularly in the groove, are the tracks “Heaven 2 Me” and “Shine Regardless”. There are far too many good tracks to even attempt to talk about all of them.

This is an absolutely terrific album from start to finish. It’s got great retro styled beats, solid lyrics, and good rapping. And Golden Baby Pro even keeps some of the best tracks for last, like “Thick & Thin”, “Supa Nova”, and the album closer, “Crazy”. I started listening to GBP about 2 years ago. He is the real deal and he’s going to be around for a long time.


Golden Baby Pro – Impeccable from Mike Le on Vimeo.

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