GpMusic – “Noodsz” ft. Lil B – An artist with no fear for musical indulgence

GpMusic – “Noodsz” ft. Lil B – An artist with no fear for musical indulgence

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GpMusic is an independent artist from Virginia Beach Va, who doesn’t like being placed in one genre. He enjoys making music with no rules or boundaries. His latest single is “Noodsz” ft. Lil B. This song is definitely ‘different’ than anything you’ve heard in the urban music arena or what other artists have been putting out, but it’s definitely a master work in its own right. GpMusic crafts an atmospheric synth groove with a dark and deep bassline, forging a tune that is as heartwarming as it is cinematic. He makes it operate in an accessible manner, further understanding the power of leaving your comfort zone. The dark and spacey backdrop serves as a prevalent tone and source of inspiration.

GpMusic’s unadulterated freedom creates a progressive piece within his own musical niche that will leave listeners earnestly waiting for more. In addition, GpMusic’s experimentation with various genres brings a more positive rapper out on the table. A dash of indie, pop and unorthodox, uplift his signature rap flow, to both an accessible, and an alternative audience.

GpMusic’s talent for creating soothing left-field melodies was evident already evident on previous releases. Here he simply takes it to the next level. “Noodsz” ft. Lil B.’s most impressive feat might be how it gets use out of GpMusic’s skill as a musician. An artist with no fear for musical indulgence, he’s happy with the idea of his music showing off his eclectic taste, and abundance of creativity.

When GpMusic is left to his own devices you get diverse sounding tracks like “Noodsz” ft. Lil B instead of the cloned Trap remakes, his contemporaries and peers keep feeding us.

GpMusic achieves this level of work as an independent artist because he knows how to utilize his skills effectively and creatively – strategically using his ear for melody and his ability to convey feelings through both his music and his unique nuanced voicings. He takes his musical strengths and centers the song around them. It makes for a perfect foundation of a GpMusic track.

What we get in “Noodsz” ft. Lil B, is a track that gives the impression that it has actually been thought out, full of labored-over flourishes and reflective lyrics, even though explicit and freestyle-sounding in some places. The tone is dulcet and sweeping, matching the ethereal hazy tenderness with which the vocals perform throughout. It’s a testament to how dynamic and complex GpMusic’s production and performance can be.

The music is as important as the words being sung on “Noodsz” ft. Lil B. This is the type of music that thrives on the vibe and feels it brings to the table. GpMusic doesn’t need bombast to make his music enjoyable or resonant with audiences, because its sound is so intricately detailed that it succeeds for what it is. It’s a sign that GpMusic is on the right track back towards fulfilling his creative potential. “Noodsz” ft. Lil B is a fascinating sonic adventure from start to finish.


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