Hard Melanin Head – ‘For My Momma’

Hard Melanin Head – ‘For My Momma’

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Hi, my name is Joshua Moody and I am a hip hop artist. I have been doing music for over 10 years but finally got serious about music after the passing of my mother. I had five record deals when I was 21 and I turned them all down because I wanted to master my own craft and not just sell it off to someone else. People all over the world have tuned in to the culture I bring back to the music industry. The purpose of my serenity to you is so that your audience may enjoy this secret talent that you have discovered.

Since creating The MelaninAvatar Gold Initiative LLC we have released three new songs of which are very strong anthems creating memorable phrases and tunes though groundbreaking and very direct points of culture and heritage.

The struggles that we have seen and have overcome carry more weight for the future than the momentary pain faced over the years. In being highly intelligent in every lyric, we have created a movement of Gold and Silver Initiative and also the alkalinity shop from the depths of our musical creativity.

Our biggest goal is to work with companies all over the world to ensure that talent is seen and heard not just used. The vision of the future has inspired us to make new avenues for the right direction in the music industry. We don’t hire professionals, we hire locals and train them to meet the professional requirements to do anything which gives unlimited jobs to those who need them most. –

This opportunity is not just for me but for those local employees looking for an opportunity to do something with their lives and we are hoping you are the big wave of the next opportunity granted directly to dedicated people who have worked years to get here. Thanks for your time as it means so much to us as well as you. We love you for being able to help us in the right direction of the music Industry.


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