Harmony Drive: “Be There” – a hyper-polished amalgam!

Harmony Drive: “Be There” – a hyper-polished amalgam!

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Most times you can gauge the potential quality of a creative project just by gazing through its credits. In this case, the single by Norwegian band Harmony Drive“Be There”, was recorded in Denver, Colorado. With help of production duo Glenn Sawyer & Rich Veltrop (Tom Petty, Ozzy Osbourne, Macy Gray), and Dave Elitch (Mars Volta, Killer be killed) on drums. The music video, filmed in Norway and the Philippines, features the multi-talented Supermodel, TV-host, and Surfer Mona Lisa Neuboeck. Of course for the potential quality to transform into effective quality you need a stunning song and band. Lars Erik Schjerpen (Vocals, Guitars), Andre Myhren (Guitars) and Vidar Braun (Bass), better known as Harmony Drive, brings just that to the table!

Harmony Drive is the kind of band that is very hard to stop listening to once you’ve heard any of their songs.  The upbeat, pop rock acoustic-guitar songs leave you happy and energized. On “Be There”, the band wraps the arrangement in sweeping, sweet and charming harmonies dripping with romantic yearning.

The track provides fresh, upbeat and vibrant music to the Indie scene. Brilliantly composed the track never seems to get repetitive, as opposed to the bland and almost always angry Indie approach to modern rock music; on the other hand Harmony Drive is euphoric, memorable, and compelling, with one-eye fixed on the mainstream radio charts.

Considering their writing and performing talents, as well as the A-League production team behind them, Harmony Drive have tightened every bolt, sealed every crack, and smoothed over every crease in their sound: a hyper-polished amalgam of lush stadium-ready vocal anthemics and warm, swirling organic instrumental leanings that fits squarely under the amorphous modern pop-rock rubric.

On “Be There” an infectious melody, soaring vocals, ceaseless enthusiasm and vibrancy take us to the beach, to summer love, and to simpler, happier times. It sets the stage perfectly for the very sensual video clip too. With a danceable, building beat and an explosive anthem of a chorus, it’s truly difficult not to put this song on repeat, sing along, and forgo listening to any other music for the rest of the day!

This complete command over their craft really sets these Norwegian natives apart, resulting in the kind of record that grabs you at the very first listen and becomes more meaningful every time you play it through.


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