Harmony Drive: ‘See You’ – upbeat, feel-good, and sure to make you smile

Harmony Drive: ‘See You’ – upbeat, feel-good, and sure to make you smile

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After the stunning success of their previous release “Something’s Wrong”, Harmony Drive has dropped its brand new track, ‘See You’, which was recorded at The Spot Studios, in Denver, Colorado, with the support of drummer Dave Elitch of the Mars Volta. Harmony Drive is a five-year-old Norwegian pop-rock band made up of three members, Lars Erik Schjerpen (vocals/piano/guitar), Andre Myhren (guitar) and Vidar Braun (bass/backing vocals).

‘See You’ is inspired. It’s a sophisticated, inventive, complex and beautiful song from a talented group with an expanded vision of the music they want to make. It is such a fresh indie alt-pop record that it is one of my favorite tracks of 2016.

harmony-drive-sy2-350Lars Erik Schjerpen shows himself to be a vocal shape-shifter who can change the sound of his voice to fit the style of the song. Overall, the mixture of pop, and world beats is really interesting. There are electronic effects but it all feels organic, with lots of unexpected melodies and harmonies. The song has some beautiful bridges.

All-round Harmony Drive has this infectious sound and spark to their music.

How refreshing it is to hear musicians of this day and age actually digging deep and making catchy, melodic music like this. The energy, performance and most of the sound and harmonies are unbelievable. I normally do not go for today’s pop music as much of it is too candy store generic for me.

These guys however, really enjoy their music and it shows so very clearly that you cannot help but get into the groove. This track is upbeat, feel-good, and sure to make you smile.

‘See You’ is utterly addictive with its epic pop sound, throbbing guitars and melodically voracious vocals. This is one of those groups that can make anything they play sound great. If you want to change your mood put this track on. These guys are inventive and spin catchy hooks that bury themselves in your brain.

You will be helpless and completely unable to keep yourself from singing, humming this song. ‘See You’ also confirms that Harmony Drive is not a one hit wonder. I suspect we will be hearing more from them – and I’m certain that they’ll bring as much quality to their next release as they have this one. A great band – positive, upbeat and relevant!


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