Ian C. Bouras prepares his first unique Live Looping DVD “Absence”

Ian C. Bouras prepares his first unique Live Looping DVD “Absence”

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A New York musician named Ian C. Bouras is making waves in the music scene. With a pioneering new twist, he starts this week by laying down the foundations of his new live looping DVD.

With an impressive background in music, Ian has become more than just a musician. Acting as a one man band, Ian has learnt to produce, perform and fine tune every aspect of a music performance- He can even perform this live.

With his latest project, Ian has been working more on his live looping. With interest and popularity rising in his looping talent, he has decided to create a DVD of his live looping performances.

So why are people so fascinated? Well, if you were to imagine the sound of a full band coming from one man and an electric guitar, you can get some idea as to why such interest has developed.

So how does it work? Ian has coupled his guitar up with a synth, which can replicate the sound of pianos, bass, guitar etc. Used alongside with a phase shifter, delay, and a looping pedal he can create live loops which sound like there is a full band. By building different layers, he can create a bass and piano part separately and bring these in to the song when needed by the loop pedal. In many cases 3-4 instrument sounds can be layered up live at once.

If listening to these live performances doesn’t impress you enough, you will be surprised to know that Ian actually suffers from a rare neurological condition called Ataxia. For anyone not familiar with this, it effects a person’s coordination. Luckily for Ian, it’s not progressing fast but it still has an impact on his guitar playing. Ian feels he can’t play the guitar like he would like to. This is why he started experimenting with live looping. Now, he’s a composer, musician and audio engineer all in one swoop.

“I am beginning preproduction on my first DVD of looping. It is called Absence, and will be, as far as I know, the first DVD of it’s kind”.

– Ian C Bouras

Ian C. Bouras has already proved himself as a studio musician. Being nominated for several awards and receiving many rave reviews, this next step is new territory for him. His fans and audience can enjoy a new side to his musical talents, when his new Absence DVD is released.


Educated with an audio engineering degree, Ian Charles Bouras is a guitarist and producer, who plays diverse musical styles from New York City. Recently he has been experimenting with live loop pedal performances


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