Jahmings Mccow: “Trod It Through” – ready to add another jewel in his crown

Jahmings Mccow: “Trod It Through” – ready to add another jewel in his crown

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In the pantheon of underground reggae artists, Jahmings Mccow is right up there at the top. He has gained critical acclaim for both his expressive vocal delivery and his exceptional skills as a songwriter, and the undeniable charisma is another part of the draw. Like the great pioneering figures that came before him, Mccow’s biggest claims to fame comes through ardent songs that expose the vulnerable heart of a passionate man, and like his more famous peers Mccow has also recorded a lot of astute social commentary and expressions of the struggles of humankind. Jahmings Mccow was already happening as an artist during the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, when he started forming his own bands, before going on to do studio work with the likes of Max Romeo and Sugar Minott. He has since remained a force to be reckoned in the underground, continually releasing new music and forging his own path relentlessly. Put it all together and the end result is an awesome catalogue.

But Jahmings Mccow keeps building his brand and expanding his craft. Right now he is in the studio mixing and mastering his upcoming brand new single release “Trod It Through” which we managed to get a preview copy of. This slow-burning ballad has got all the credentials to really boost Mccow’s profile.

From the bluesy arrangement to the gently loping rhythm, as usual it’s his voice that cuts through to make the most lasting impression. It’s the heartfelt anguish that really draws attention; he’s singing every word as an honest reflection of the circumstances that he sees around him.

The expert mix, places the slowly pounding drum pattern to the fore, with a haunting keyboard and guitar pattern lingering alongside it. The melodic bass meanders woefully as Mccow wails of the injustices meted out by an inequitable world. In some instances he uses biblical language to relate the plight of innocent.

The pain and anguish his voice indicates that he is singing about his own experiences rather than merely observing. The blend of Jahmings Mccow’s great lyrics and melody, all play starring roles. Always front and center is his understated, willowy tenor, which invites the listener to pay attention.

A new Jahmings Mccow release is always cause for celebration, and with “Trod It Through”, Mccow once again proves that in the quiet environment of the studio he is still quite capable of turning out a quality product. Simply put, Mccow adds another jewel in his crown with the new single which is coming soon. The artist also has a new album in the works, to be called “Metal & Paper” which will feature this latest single.


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