Jaway: “When Will We Learn” – sounds like a classic and has a great beat and smooth vocals

Jaway: “When Will We Learn” – sounds like a classic and has a great beat and smooth vocals

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Having escaped a brutal civil war in Liberia, Jaway, an international R&B/Soul, Afro Pop singer, projects the beautiful and positive influences from his life to his music.  From his war driven home, he found escape as a young boy through writing and singing.  Jaway has lost many loved ones in Liberia and continues to use it as inspiration for his music. The digital release of his new single, “When Will We Learn”, is a heartfelt dedication to his nephew who was murdered March 14, 2012, one day before his birthday. A live musical performance is set for Sunday April 26th in Riverside Dr.Burbank, CA to share some of Jaway’s stories as depicted in his upcoming album.


“When Will We Learn” sounds like a classic and has a great beat and smooth vocals. Jaway’s music and his voice is one that can cross all generations – rich, mellow, relaxing and wonderful. And upon closer examination and listening to the track, you realize that Jaway smoothly blends not only jazz, but R&B, old school and new school in a smooth mix.

This is for the Ladies and Gentlemen who have outgrown the club, who have outgrown the pimping and gold digging. This is for the grown and confident, loving people of the world who are looking for truth and depth in music. “When Will We Learn” delivers a message of peace and love, as opposed to war and hate; something Jaway had experienced at an early age, having lived through 5 of the 14-year civil war in Liberia, before finding his way to the USA.

It’s really comforting to know that when you’ve pretty much given up on the condition of today’s music, that you can hear an artist like Jaway. It dawns on you that there are still artists who are dedicated to “the music and the message” and not the superfluous package that the music comes in. From the first note on “When Will We Learn”, the listener is blessed with the gift of superb vocal musical artistry and lyrical integrity.

If you’ve ever loved, cried, hoped and pondered about the state of this planet and what you’ve done during your lifetime to improve it, listen to this song. No, it won’t give you the meaning of life itself, but, it will help you on your journey to becoming a better person within that life; something that many, in warzones around the world, may never have the chance to do.

Let’s stop accepting mediocrity as an art form and support an artist whose voice needs to be heard. A distinct, meticulous artist with finely tuned ears for melody, timing and mood, Jaway is a celebration of music. His songs are from the heart and are filled with honesty and an uplifting spirit.


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