Jha’Marie: “BAD CHICKS” – you can’t help but be impressed with what she is doing

Jha’Marie: “BAD CHICKS” – you can’t help but be impressed with what she is doing

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Hailing from a long legacy of musicians and performers, Joanna Marie Williams otherwise known as Jha’Marie, grew up in the resource deprived community of Gaston Point, known locally as “The Circle.” At a young age Joanna found herself dancing to the soundtrack of soul music that was always playing in her home. Drawn to dancing and the joy it brought her, Joanna naturally made the transition from dancer to athlete and put her long legs to use on the basketball court. Aside from her talents on the court and the stage though, Jha’Marie also took her studies seriously and attended University of Southern Alabama.


Now out on the Boss Big Entertainment LLC. label – as if to prove that she has risen out of the difficulties of living in one of most “beautiful ugliest places,” in the world – comes Jha’Marie, with her brand new single “BAD CHICKS”. I didn’t know exactly what I was about to listen to, but I was expecting something good, and I’m impressed. Great beat, great style. Jha’Marie is much better than many male rappers out there in the hip hop world, you can be sure of it!

Jha’Marie forms a specific part of her generation, who realize that to know where you are going you have to know where you’ve been. This is what gives her performance confidence. The cheeky “BAD CHICKS”, which amounts lyrically, to exactly what the title says, gains profoundness by the sheer wickedness of the beat and Jha’Marie’s determined flow.

Jha-Marie-300In “BAD CHICKS”, sex is everywhere; Jha’Marie is in control, cocksure and confident as she sings: “Bad chick stand up, put your hands up. If you’re a big fine woman, you can back it up. Drop it drop it low girl, hey even lower. Cause I’m gonna give him what he wants like a showgirl.”

Jha’Marie tears down the borders of female self-empowerment rap. She does it over a futuristic beat, with catchy, straight-to-the-point rhymes, and an out-of-this-world style, all wrapped up in a sizzling body naturally sculpted to attract truckloads of envy and desire.

Jha’Marie takes old phrases and drops them into her fresh lyrics with her unique style and you can’t help but be impressed with what she is doing.  Jha’Marie is hot, hypnotic and refreshing. I look forward to the upcoming release of the full official video for “BAD CHICKS”, which will undoubtedly be off the hook!


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