Junior Turner: “Crash & Burn” – vivid brushstrokes of contemporary pop

Junior Turner: “Crash & Burn” – vivid brushstrokes of contemporary pop

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Since the tender age of 14, Junior Turner has been singing on the entertainment, both at home and abroad. In 2010 and 2011 respectively Junior impacted the UK national music scene with releases for BBC’s ‘Children in Need’ and then the UK armed forces charity ‘Help For Heroes’. He has never looked back since, scoring a number of indie chart hits across the USA, as well as winning several prestigious independent music awards including an honorary award held in the Grammy hall of fame for his songwriting. Junior, who has worked with many well-known producers and professionals in the music industry, currently counts two critically acclaimed albums in his catalog. After a recent hiatus, July sees the UK singer-songwriter drop 2 brand new singles – “Tonight”, and its B-side, “Crash & Burn”.

Junior Turner is a canny songwriter, and “Crash & Burn”, is yet another sign that he continues knowing how to translate his persona into delectable pop. It also helps that Junior, sings from the heart – a heart that has an actual comprehension of relationships; both good and bad.

A theme that can also be found on the A-side of this single. This is a song which confidently grasps onto an underpinning groove that accentuates Junior’s excellent vocal performance and heartfelt lyrics to create dazzling results.

Junior is an artist clearly capable of making effective and catchy pop songs on his own terms, using vivid brushstrokes of the contemporary pop formula and an organically grounded retro mindset to the core of his writing.

Songwriting that doesn’t rely on production’s bells and whistles, and compositions that put as much graft into the music as they do sugary hooks. It speaks volumes about the man himself, and his knowledge of music. The amount of care taken with his songs is evident of that.

Filled with groove, soul and pop energy – the formula is utilized to its fullest here on “Crash & Burn”, forming the cohesive gel to necessitate the track’s consistency, with a wealth of harmonic ideas being used to make the song feel even more personalized.

Junior’s style of singing uses an interesting dynamic of soul and a fully powered croon which builds to a crescendo, typically to elevate the choruses. His ear for a bouncy and infectious rhythm is also second to none.

It’s obvious that Junior Turner wants to create a piece that is just as catchy and enjoyable instrumentally as the voice that fronts it all.  As such, Junior has the knowledge and the tools to attain what he wants. Thus his approach and his execution, transitions “Crash & Burn” to an equal standard of anything doing major radio rotations today.

It’s all conducted to see the song through to its fullest potential. The single “Tonight” and it’s B-side “Tonight” – will officially be released on Monday 2nd July 2018. Stay connected with Junior Turner on FACEBOOK and TWITTER for further details.

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